Shawn Harris discusses the end of The Matches

Shawn Harris, former vocalist and guitarist for The Matches, just did an interview with Alternative Press Magazine in which he discusses the end of the band and his new project, Maniac. Read it HERE.

You’d known for a couple months before you made the announcement, so the information was so much newer to your friends than it was to you.

Harris: Right, and the information that the Matches would be at least taking some kind of break has been kind of pending in my mind for the past couple years. As far as when we were recording A Band In Hope, we were talking seriously like, “Hey, should we change our name? Should we get new musicians? Does everybody in the band still want to be in the band?” This was before [original bassist] Justin [San Souci] told us he didn’t want to tour and record with us anymore. But that was already in the air. So everybody was sort of questioning doing another record at that point.

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