Silence Is Screaming

Ramin Niroomand

In Fear and Faith post “Silence is Screaming” piano solo video

We at Under The Gun will say it time after time, Ramin Niroomand is phenomenal. To say that watching his piano playing is a spectacle is just short of explaining the experience. The pure talent he brings to the keys will forever haunt my playlists. I can only wish that someday I’ll be able to […]

In Fear and Faith performs “Silence Is Screaming” live

Our San Diego brothers In Fear And Faith were taped performing their song “Silence Is Screaming” live in New York City. Check out Ramin Niroomand’s insane piano skills at work on The Partery Tour with Vanna, A Loss for Words, Close to Home, Chunk! No Captain Chunk, Ten After Two and Adestria. Tell us what […]