Sinead O’Connor

Amanda Palmer Writes a Letter In Response to Sinead O’Connor (In Response to Miley Cyrus)

Yesterday we saw iconic musician Sinead O’Connor write a letter to Miley Cyrus (and then ANOTHER letter) that got a lot of buzz (which you can read here). Now Amanda Palmer has written a response letter to O’Connor, showing gratitude and, of course, disagreeing to some extent. “Do I want a whole generation of teenagers looking […]

Sinead O’Connor Writes Open Letter To Miley Cyrus – ‘No one who cares about you could support your being pimped’

Finally. Someone is saying what most of us have thought since July. Music icon Sinead O’Connor is making headlines worldwide today for releasing an open letter to pop sensation Miley Cyrus after learning the young starlet cited her as an influence. The message O’Connor had for Cyrus is about as far from a ‘thank you’ […]

Sinead O’Connor Will Not Commit Suicide

Sinead O’Connor is not in the best of spirits lately, however, she would like her fans to know that, despite openly sharing thoughts of suicide, she doesn’t actually plan on killing herself. Assurance came from the singer in an open letter on her official website, only 3 days after she issued a series of red-flag […]