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UTG INTERVIEW: Mime Game Discuss the Past and the Future

Contrary to what you may believe, Kansas City has quite a lot going for it. One of the latest acts to transition into making a name off of national-level touring would be Mime Game. After releasing their 2013 EP, Do Your Work, and having a stellar string of performances at SXSW, the group has now […]

RUMOR: New Nine Inch Nails Single To Debut Thursday

I mostly ignored the hubbub surrounding Nine Inch Nails signing with Columbia Records earlier this year. We knew last year that Trent Reznor’s other group, How To Destroy Angels, was working with Columbia, and last year we knew that a greatest hits collection and a new album from Nine Inch Nails were in the works […]

REVIEW: Spoken – Illusion

Artist: Spoken Album: Illusion Label: E1 Music Genre: Alt-Rock Contrary to popular belief, Spoken are still alive and well. The hard rock band may have allowed a good 5+ years to pass before releasing their seventh album, Illusion. One of the first things that stood out to me when first spinning the album was the […]

Mystery Project Shone Leads Fans On Scavenger Hunt, New Song Found

Earlier this month, several rock artists Tweeted links to, including Vinnie Caruana, Kevin Devine, and eventually John Nolan, Thrice, and Manchester Orchestra. The website has been updating videos at its page on a regular basis between midnight and one AM Eastern time, leading fans to speculate on what the page was actually for. The […]

REVIEW: Soundgarden – King Animal

Artist: Soundgarden Album: King Animal Genre: Rock A band’s return is a scary thing. Too often reviewers will be quick to point out the length between the band’s working together, and if the album is good, the time away is the reason the band wrote with passion now. If the album sucks, the time apart […]

The Bulletproof Tiger Hint At New Album

Canadian math rockers The Bulletproof Tiger have hinted that they have a new album coming up on their Facebook page. The post, done via cell phone, says nothing more than the following: “you guys wanna hear a new album soon? cause let me tell you something brother, its cumming. [sic]” We’ll share the details as […]

Minshara Auditioning New Drummers, Ex-Drummer Left For Crobot

Pennsylvania natives Minshara are auditioning new drummers. Their old drummer, Tony Kobel, left to join the band Crobot, and remains on amiable terms with the band. The irony here is that Minshara still has a gig lined up in November, but doesn’t officially have a drummer yet. Whether that means they’ll be playing a show without […]

Dinosaur Jr Guitar Stolen

J Mascis, the singer, songwriter, and guitarist behind Dinosaur Jr, had his guitar stolen after a recent show. The guitar was stolen at the October 11 show in Oregon. The guitar is a white Squire Jazzmaster; ironically, this is a pretty cheap guitar – you can buy one new for $400. But hey, I guess […]

Pulled Apart By Horses Releasing Single ‘Epic Myth’

British rockers Pulled Apart by Horses, lead by former Mother Vulpine member Tom Hudson, have announced their final single off of their sophomore album, Tough Love. The band have a pretty large European following (they opened up for Muse on tour), and have their own unique hard rock sound. The problem? No US record label, […]

Bassist On New Rage Against the Machine Album: “Maybe.”

In true over the top paparazzi fashion, TMZ recently ran into Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford in a random parking lot in Los Angeles. In true TMZ fashion, they immediately asked Timmy C whether Rage was working on a new album. TMZ reports his response as “very coy way… like he really WANTED […]

STREAM: New Soundgarden Single – “Been Away Too Long”

Earlier this week, grunge rockers Soundgarden released the artwork for their much anticipated return album, King Animal. Now they’ve released the next single from it, aptly titled “Been Away Too Long.” The band currently has no tour dates scheduled, but with drummer Matt Cameron free from his duties as a member of Pearl Jam, it’s likely […]

REVIEW: Muse – The 2nd Law

Artist: Muse Album: The 2nd Law Genre: Alternative Rock Label: Helium 3 / Warner Muse has been one of my favorite bands dating back to early high school when I first heard “New born” off of Origin of Symmetry and swore that a classical composer had formed the next great rock band. I loved that […]