Suge Knight

Suge Knight Claims Tupac Is Alive

Suge Knight has just ripped open the lid on one of hip hop’s biggest mysteries. TMZ caught up with Death Row Records’ Suge Knight yesterday evening as the label owner was exiting 1Oak. Knight opened with a profanity laced rant about the ways he feels disrespected right now, as well as his continuing issues with […]

EDITORIAL: What The Hell Is Going On With Katt Williams?

I have spent the past week attempting to begin the following article, but the subject at hand hasn’t slowed down long enough for me to gather all the facts. It’s almost funny how in a time when everyone is more obsessed with celebrity than ever that the following story hasn’t been hitting headlines with the […]

Notorious B.I.G murder investigation

Notorious B.I.G murder case is back under investigation based on new leads that have came up. Read up on more details after the link.

Suge Knight has a warrant out for his arrest

Suge Knight has a warrant issued for his arrest after not appearing in front of a LA court for driving with a suspended license and running a stop sign.

Suge Knight gets “blackballed”

Thanks to our good friends at HipHopDx, we get to talk about how big of an idiot Suge Knight is…again. This dude keeps popping up, trying to make his crummy record companies that die in a year, and blaming it on someone else. This guy just needs to step away from the game and let […]