Boston Underground Film Fest 2016 – Day 1: ‘The Lure’

Opening night at Boston Underground Film Festival is always a jovial, if not transformative, experience at the movies. The first night that I attended there in 2014, I got to see Sion Sono’s Why Don’t You Play in Hell? Which resulted in all of my preconceptions about the festival’s programming being shattered. Seeing the new […]

First Trailer For ’The Witch’ Will Scare The Sh*t Out Of You

Ever since its premiere at Sundance in January, Robert Eggers’ directorial debut The Witch has been a hot title amongst horror hounds. Early reports from the iconic film festival claimed the film was paralyzing, terrifying, and completely unnerving, which is exactly what genre fans long to hear. Today the first trailer for the film came […]

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Unexpected’ Is A Wonderfully Simple Indie Gem

Film: Unexpected Starring: Cobie Smulders, Gail Bean Directed by: Kris Swanberg Unless you’re planning for it, the news that you’re about to have a baby can be both an exciting and terrifying experience in someone’s life. For Samantha Abbott (Cobie Smulders), there was probably no good time for the news that she would soon give […]

The 6 Must-See Films Of IFF Boston 2015

Another week of important cinema is nigh! Wednesday, April 22 marks the beginning of Independent Film Festival Boston‘s 2015 fest. Per usual with UTG, we wanted to let our readers know what films we are most excited for in the upcoming fest. Just under 100 films are playing between April 22 and 29. Unfortunately, we […]

Netflix Inks Indie Darlings Jay And Mark Duplass To Adam Sandler-esque Deal

News has broken of yet another landmark deal for Netflix. Per Deadline, the streaming platform has inked brothers Jay and Mark Duplass to a four-film deal, reminiscent of the company’s recent four-film deal with maestro of schlock, Adam Sandler. The key difference here is that Sandler’s films are Netflix exclusives, while each feature of the Duplass quartet […]

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘The Overnighters’ Is One Of The Year’s Best Films

Film: The Overnighters Starring: Jay Reinke, Keegan Edward Directed by: Jesse Moss On the surface, The Overnighters looks like any other tale of someone doing whatever they can to help those whom the rest of a community forgot. In reality however, the latest film from Jesse Moss explores the reality of the North Dakota oil […]

Watch J.K. Simmons Conduct Miles Teller to the Brink in the Explosive New Trailer for ‘Whiplash’

While everyone today was too busy talking about the snore-worthy trailer for the adaptation of the grocery store romance novel adaptation 50 Shades of Grey, a sneak peek into an incredibly interesting looking film, Whiplash, hit the web today. Whiplash tells the story of Andrew (played by Miles Teller of The Spectacular Now and Divergent), a […]

Watch The ‘Dear White People’ Trailer

That’s it. Just watch it. Dear White People was a hit at Sundance, and the reasons are quite apparent. From the title down, the film looks to be a witty, satirical, and long overdue modern take on racism and race relations in America today. Even as it causes you to cringe with some of the racist lines […]

‘Very Good Girls’ Trailer: Elizabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning Fall For The Same Guy

Hollywood likes to make casual sex in your twenties look like fun and games, but in the upcoming film Very Good Girls two of the silver screen’s brightest young stars realize that romance is nothing like what you see in the movies. Elizabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning star in the coming-of-age drama Very Good Girls, […]

J.K. Simmons Settles For Nothing But The Best In New ‘Whiplash’ Clip

Coming out of Sundance, Whiplash was easily one of the most talked-about films – especially the performance of a certain perennial character actor in J.K. Simmons. Directed by Damien Chazelle, the film depicts the journey of aspiring jazz drummer Andrew Neyman (“it” boy and Mr. Fantastic himself, Miles Teller) as pushed by the hyper intense Terence Fletcher […]

UTG PHOTOS & REVIEW: Sixto Rodriguez (5/6/14)

Under The Gun sent photographer, Derek Scancarelli, to the Tilles Center in Greenvale, NY to photograph the iconic Sixto Rodriguez on May 6, 2014. In 1970, Sixto Rodriguez released Cold Fact through Sussex Records. Instead of joining the ranks of iconic American singer-songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Rodriguez fell by the wayside of the stateside […]

Sundance Movie Review: ‘Hellion’

Film: Hellion Directed by: Kat Candler Starring: Aaron Paul, Josh Wiggins, Juliette Lewis It’s rare for a film to treat father-son relationships and relationships between young men with the care and sensitivity seen in Hellion. What’s even more surprising is that the film comes from a promising new female writer/director in Kat Candler, expanding on […]