The Dear Hunter Frontman Casey Crescenzo To Release Debut Symphony In June

There was a time in 2013 when Casey Crescenzo, frontman for The Dear Hunter, turned to his longtime fans and supporters with a request. Though he had spent the past decade making music professionally, Crescenzo needed a little extra financial support from followers in order to make his wildest musical ambition a reality. Funds came […]

Dear Hunter Frontman Casey Crescenzo Crowdfunding First Symphony Recording

The name Casey Crescenzo has become synonymous with the idea of big, epic alternative rock and roll. From his work with The Receiving End Of Sirens to his more recent efforts with The Dear Hunter, Casey has repeatedly pushed the boundaries of music with creative instrumentation and unique storytelling, but nothing in his past can […]

Take a Wonderful Look into the Making of the Music of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

Regardless of your thoughts on Star Trek Into Darkness (here is what we had to say), one thing is for certain: the score behind the film is absolutely gorgeous. Today we are excited to share with you a short 7-minute behind the scenes documentary about recording the score for the film. We get to see […]

In Fear And Faith reveal “Symphonies EP” details

We’ve all known that In Fear And Faith were planning a symphonic EP, but it wasn’t until this morning that we actually understood anything about the release. In Fear And Faith’s Symphonies EP will be released May 3 via Rise Records and features a slew of guest appearances. You can view the complete track listing […]

Serj Tankian releases Elect the Dead Symphony CD/DVD

Tankian will recreate Elect the Dead Symphony — which had its dynamic inaugural performance at New Zealand’s majestic Auckland Town Hall with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra in March 2009