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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Tomorrowland’ Lacks Wonder And Coherence

Film: Tomorrowland Starring: Britt Robertson, George Clooney Directed By: Brad Bird As the first shot rolls on Tomorrowland, we see Clooney’s Frank Walker talking to the camera about his pessimistic predilections towards the future. Once he is done telling his story, the camera pans over Britt Robertson’s Casey Newton, someone self-dubbed as an optimist as […]

Take a Wonderful Look into the Making of the Music of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

Regardless of your thoughts on Star Trek Into Darkness (here is what we had to say), one thing is for certain: the score behind the film is absolutely gorgeous. Today we are excited to share with you a short 7-minute behind the scenes documentary about recording the score for the film. We get to see […]

MOVIE REVIEW: Star Trek Into Darkness

Film: Star Trek Into Darkness Starring: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto Directed by: JJ Abrams When JJ Abrams first unveiled his vision of Star Trek in 2009, fans and outsiders around the world were taken by surprise. A franchise most assumed had played out its finest years was suddenly new again, and even more importantly (from a […]

John Williams Tentatively Set to Score ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

From the mouth of J.J. Abrams himself, legendary composer John Williams is slated to score the latest installment in the Star Wars series. While it’s not officially locked down, J.J. Abrams has gone on record at a Star Trek: Into Darkness press conference saying, Again, for Star Wars, it’s very early days, but I believe […]

The Latest ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Trailer Is The Best Yet

If you are just now tuning in to the hype surrounding Star Trek Into Darkness the following nerdgasm is probably not going to have the same impact on your fanboy heart as the rest of us. That said, keep reading (and eventually watching) because your day is about to get pretty damn awesome. We are […]

The Latest ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Trailer Sells You All Over Again

If you applaud J.J. Abrams for only one thing it has to be his ability to sell a movie. Every film in his career has come complete with a full proof marketing plan, and Star Trek Into Darkness looks to be no different. After teasing 8 minutes of footage before certain screenings of The Hobbit […]

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Actress Noomi Rapace States That The Script For ‘Prometheus’ Sequel Is In The Works

The Playlist got a doozy of a scoop while they were chatting with actress Noomi Rapace. During a press junket for her upcoming thriller Dead Man Down (due out March 8), IndieWire writer Ben Taylor turned the topic of conversation from Rapace’s definite upcoming project to more speculative fare. Specifically, the possibility of a sequel to Prometheus, […]

WATCH: Every Movie-Related Super Bowl 2013 Ad

Sports isn’t really our thing, but movie trailers are the type of content we spend all day and night praying for. While many of you were watching the game today, we were looking for those oh-so-expensive movie trailer ads. We now present them all to you without the hassle of watching football. This article is […]

HOLY SH!T: The First ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Teaser Has Arrived

Now that we’ve all had time to recover from laughing at the poster reveal earlier this week that shamelessly ripped off The Dark Knight Rises poster design, nerds everywhere can once again become excited for the return of Star Trek thanks to the online debut of the first teaser. Star Trek Into Darkness does not […]

HOLY SH!T: Nine Minute ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Prologue To Debut in 3D IMAX Before ‘The Hobbit’

Well played, Peter Jackson. You somehow found a way to guarantee nerds around the world pay as much as possible to see your latest film, and really, I have to hand it to you. Today it was announced that Paramount Pictures will debut a nine minute prologue to Star Trek Into Darkness on 500 IMAX […]