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Matt Damon Will Be Jason Bourne Once More

Jeremy Renner proved he could handle the reigns of a franchise he did not start with the 2012 release of The Bourne Legacy, but according a new report from Deadline he will soon step aside and let the real Jason Bourne return to his post. Paul Greengrass and actor Matt Damon have allegedly signed on […]


There were plenty of new movies to check out this weekend, but you would not know it from looking at the box office chart. Once again The Expendables 2 tops the numbers, but it was not the only film to hold its spot from last week. The top four spots were held on to by their films, […]


Now that the Olympics are (probably) over you can finally resume your normal lives and get back to the movies. There are a few new choices for entertainment this weekend. For the action fans you can check out The Bourne Legacy which stars Jeremy Renner as the new Jason Bourne. We also have a full review […]

MOVIE REVIEW: The Bourne Legacy

Film: The Bourne Legacy Director: Tony Gilroy Five years have past since we last cared about the name Jason Bourne, but Universal Pictures is looking to change that this weekend with the release of The Bourne Legacy. I plan to write at least a couple hundred words about the film in the following paragraphs, but […]

WATCH: New Clip From The Bourne Legacy

With all the excitement and anticipation surrounding the imminent arrival of The Dark Knight Rises, it’s easy to forget there are quite a few big-name movies still to come this summer. One is the next chapter in the hugely-successful Bourne franchise, with Jeremy Renner taking over headlining duties from Matt Damon. A new clip from The Bourne […]