There were plenty of new movies to check out this weekend, but you would not know it from looking at the box office chart. Once again The Expendables 2 tops the numbers, but it was not the only film to hold its spot from last week. The top four spots were held on to by their films, as few people were interested in anything new (apparently). The newly released horror film The Apparition did not even make the top ten list, which is rare for a release when it has no competition of the same genre. You can see the full top ten weekend chart and how much each movie made after the jump. 

  1. The Expendables 2 ($13,500,000)
  2. The Bourne Legacy ($9,300,000) 
  3. ParaNorman ($8,500,000)
  4. The Campaign ($7,400,000)
  5. The Dark Knight Rises ($7,150,000)
  6. The Odd Life Of Timothy Green ($7,125,000)
  7. Premium Rush ($6,300,000)
  8. 2016 Obama’s America ($6,200,000)
  9. Hope Springs ($6,000,000)
  10. Hit and Run ($4,600,000)


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