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You Cannot Resist Brian Marquis’ New “From Boston” Video

Brian Marquis initially found his way into the national spotlight during his time with Therefore I Am. Those days have come and gone however, and now Marquis makes his living as a singer-songwriter with a record deal through Equal Vision and some of the catchiest acoustic songs you have ever heard. You may have heard […]

Glamour Kills Announces Acoustic Weekend Tour Featuring Vinnie Caruana, Brian Marquis

Glamour Kills is at it again in announcing another tour, only this time it is an Acoustic Weekend tour that will be happening later on this month. On the bill for this short tour are Vinnie Caruana (I Am The Avalanche, The Movielife) and Brian Marquis (Therefore I Am), who are no strangers to playing acoustic […]

Brian Marquis Releases New Song “Drink You Up”

Brian Marquis has released a new track called “Drink You Up” from his new record Blood & Spirits, due out May 13 on Equal Vision Records. Stream the new song after the jump. Reminiscent of England Keep My Bones-era Frank Turner, “Drink You Up” is an excellent, storytelling folk-punk jam. If you like songs like Frank […]

Following His Recent Hospitalization, Brian Marquis (ex-Therefore I Am) Departs From Warped Tour

Following Saturday’s news of Brian Marquis being struck by lightning during a flash flood at West Palm Beach’s Warped Tour date, the ex-Therefore I Am frontman has taken to his Facebook page to announce that he has decided to sit out on the remaining 5+ days of tour starting tomorrow. We here at UTG understand […]

UTG TV: Warped With Brian Marquis

It is safe to say that Brian Marquis has paid his dues on Warped Tour. The multi-tasking man behind the Acoustic Basement stage has been spending the summer performing songs, running a stage, drinking whiskey and even battling lightning. Thank the music Gods that Marquis is safe after his run-in with electrocution, which is something […]

HOLY SH!T: Therefore I Am Announce Reunion Show

When Therefore I Am announced plans to disband in September 2010, the heart of every UTG staffer broke. The Boston rock act had long been a favorite of our site, and even the fantastic groups birthed from their death (The Tower & The Fool, Ghost Thrower) have not been able to fully fill the void […]

REVIEW: Ghost Thrower – 10 Songs

Artist: Ghost Thrower Album: 10 songs Genre: Hardcore/Punk Label: Equal Vision This sure has been a rough week for music. Somebody should have told Thursday and Thrice that announcing their break ups within 24 hours of each other is a lot to ask of the fans that grew up on their music. This combined with […]

UTG INTERVIEW: Ghost Thrower

Rising from the ashes of Therefore I Am, Ghost Thrower is a punk-centric force to be reckoned with. Boasting bleak, introspective lyrics over a flood of fuzz and distortion, their debut EP Get Miserable has been on repeat in our offices for months. Editor James Shotwell recently had the chance to meet with the band to discuss their history, future, and when, if ever, they will hit the road.

Ghost Thrower sign, EP out April 19

One of our favorite new acts of 2010, Ghost Thrower, have officially signed with Equal Vision Records. Click through for a full report on the signing, the upcoming EP, and a whole lot more!

New The Tower And The Fool

Fans of The Tower And The Fool (Ex-Therefore I Am) can watch Alex perform a brand new song, here.

New Therefore I Am song/farewell shirt

Fans heartbroken over their breakup can stream a previously unreleased song from Therefore I Am, here. Also, the group has released a shirt to celebrate their 6 years together, here.

Therefore I Am announce breakup

Read the official statement and final tour dates here.