Sledding With Tigers Enter Studio To Begin New EP

Sledding With Tigers have had a banner year in 2014. Not only did the San Diego folk punk outfit join the Antique Records family and release their debut album, but they managed to win over countless new fans around the globe in the process. Now the time has come for the group to begin working […]

Hostage Calm Fan Assaulted For Wearing Their “I Support Same-Sex Marriage” Shirt

As a lot of you probably know, Hostage Calm have a t-shirt they sell that says “I Support Same-Sex Marriage.” They’ve experienced their share of hate because of it, and because of their stance on the issue. Well today we’ve received word that a fan of theirs named Alex was wearing that shirt and was […]

The Receiving End Of Sirens Come Clean, Announce Pawtucket Reunion Show

The Receiving End Of Sirens have broken their social silence and announced a performance in May. To explain the history behind this show, you will need to read the entire update TREOS wrote. So, instead of me rambling, let’s all agree this is badass and read what they have to say (write): In light of […]

New Therefore I Am song/farewell shirt

Fans heartbroken over their breakup can stream a previously unreleased song from Therefore I Am, here. Also, the group has released a shirt to celebrate their 6 years together, here.

P Is For Panda merch sale

Until November 6, P Is For Panda is offering their fans the opportunity to buy any shirt in their merch store for only $11. If interested, you can browse their selection, here.