Trade Wind

My Favorite Albums Of 2014 Surprised Me

​Going into 2014, there was a handful of albums I was looking forward to. The bands are well-established and I figured their releases would end up being my favorite of the year. After the headache of sifting through 12 months worth of new releases I came to realize that was not the case. The albums […]

Trade Wind Announce Short January Tour

Trade Wind have announced a handful of US and Canadian tour dates for this coming January. This will be their first headlining tour, and they will receive support by Wander and Cryptodira. Though they will mostly be hitting cities on the West Coast, their first stop is in New York City. You can check out […]

Listen To Trade Wind’s Debut EP In Full

It’s almost hard to believe that two musicians from two different hardcore bands could get together and start a pretty awesome alternative rock outfit. Lucky for us, that’s exactly what the members from Stick To Your Guns and Stray From The Path did when they formed Trade Wind. Though their debut EP Suffer Just To […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Trade Wind – “White Pipes”

Trade Wind are currently poised to release their debut EP, Suffer Just To Believe, June 3 via Other People Records. So far the group has revealed just a couple of singles, but now they’ve teamed up with Alternative Press to premiere the music video for a new song, titled “White Pipes.” You can check out […]

Trade Wind Announce Details For Debut EP & Launch Digital Pre-Order

As you probably heard last month, the Stick To Your Guns frontman and one of the guitarists from Stray From The Path teamed up to start a little side project known as Trade Wind. About a month ago they premiered their debut single, and confirmed they would release Suffer Just To Believe in the near […]

Stick To Your Guns Frontman & Stray From The Path Guitarist Have New Side Project

It’s nice to see different musicians branch out and work on projects that aren’t necessarily in their normal genre of music. You get to learn more about a musician that way, and the latest side project to come out of the woodwork is Trade Wind – a two man group consisting of frontman Jesse Barnett […]