Tilian Streams Acoustic Version Of “A Faint Illusion” (Originally By Tides Of Man)

As many people probably know, Tilian got his start as the frontman of Tides Of Man. During his time with that group they released two full-length albums. One of the singles off their sophomore album, Dreamhouse, is titled “A Faint Illusion.” Tilian has taken some time to sit and record an acoustic version of that […]

My Favorite Albums Of 2014 Surprised Me

​Going into 2014, there was a handful of albums I was looking forward to. The bands are well-established and I figured their releases would end up being my favorite of the year. After the headache of sifting through 12 months worth of new releases I came to realize that was not the case. The albums […]

Tilian Shares Details For Upcoming EP, Streams “Alive”

Dance Gavin Dance frontman Tilian Pearson announced ages ago that he would be releasing some new solo material. He even released a catchy single titled “Future Friends” to hold fans over. This morning Tilian finally revealed the details of his new solo EP. The EP is titled Future Friends, and it will be released Dec. […]

UTG PREMIERE: Tilian – “Future Friends”

You might associate Tilian Pearson with any number of bands from the last few years, but the singer’s solo project may have the most potential. With 2013’s Material Me, the vocalist leapt headfirst into electronic-infused pop, exploring all sorts of soundscapes far outside his previous material but immediately natural to his range. While Dance Gavin […]

Tilian Pearson Teases New Material

Tilian Pearson had a whirlwind of a year in 2013 as he released a fantastic solo album that combined his signature vocals with pure pop goodness, his music was featured on ESPN for a month-long span, and of course, his first effort with Dance Gavin Dance finally hit stores. If a recent Instagram post is […]

Jacob Tender’s ‘Best Of 2013′ In Music

‘Tis the season to make the most difficult choices I have to make all year. Seriously, my life is easy enough to make that statement true. I hate making these lists, more-so this year than any year previous. Yet I’m obligated to do so. So here I am. You see, in January, I told myself […]

Tilian Releases Acoustic Version Of “Ghost”

Tilian, who’s now the lead vocalist for Dance Gavin Dance (Ex-Tides Of Man), released his debut solo album, Material Me, in March of this year. He plans on releasing some acoustic tracks from the album in the near future, and to give fans a taste of what to expect he revealed an acoustic version of […]

STREAM: Tilian Pearson – Up In The Air

Former Tides Of Man frontman Tilian Pearson released a stream for his brand new solo song “Up In The Air” and can be heard on UTG! This song takes a step back from the electro-infused vibe of “Chemicals,” and shows us the range of Pearson. The music will have you hooked within the first few […]

Tilian Pearson Streams New Song “Chemicals”

Former Tides Of Man vocalist Tilian Pearson has unleashed a brand new stream of his song “Chemicals” and can be listened to by clicking on the link provided. This song is electro-infused, with a bit of dub thrown in, and is honestly nothing we had expected from him. UTG is enjoying what we are hearing […]