The land of Middle-Earth reigns supreme for another week with Tarantino’s bounty hunter western not far behind.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey topped the box office once again over the holiday weekend, marking it’s third week in the top slot. Django Unchained nearly beat it out, however, with a surprising popularity among more demographics than anticipated. The slave turned bounty hunter movie scored well among women, which is not usually the case for movies of the western or action genre.

Musicals had a victory this weekend with Les Miserables, a movie based on a play that has Wolverine and Catwoman singing and being sad, coming in third. This proves that even during the holidays sometimes people just want a good cry. The family flick Parental Guidance came in fourth for the weekend, despite poor reviews and trailers that make me want to break my tv. You can see the full top ten list from the weekend and how much each movie made after the jump. 

  1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ($32,900,000)
  2. Django Unchained ($30,000,000)
  3. Les Miserables ($28,000,000)
  4. Parental Guidance ($14,800,000)
  5. Jack Reacher ($14,000,000)
  6. This Is 40 ($13,000,000)
  7. Lincoln ($7,000,000)
  8. The Guilt Trip ($6,700,000)
  9. Monsters, Inc. 3D ($6,300,000)
  10. Rise Of The Guardians ($4,900,000)
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