Blink-182 Without Travis Barker For February Tour In Australia

Australian fans of Blink-182 are going to be upset to find out that the band will be touring Australia, in February (2013), without drummer Travis Barker. Read a short message from Barker by looking below. If more details delevop on the situation UTG will be sure to keep you all updated. “Mark and Tom will […]

Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows Cannot Legally Continue Without Craig Owens

There have been many rumors floating around as to why the remaining three members of Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows have quit the band. Guitarist Matt Good has set the record straight with a simple response to a fan. DRUGS were bound together by a contract, stating that if lead-singer Craig Owens left the band […]

Dame Dash busted for selling liquor without a license

Hip-hop pioneer Dame Dash is in huge trouble with NYC law. Dash and his associates have been accused, on six counts, of storing and selling alcoholic beverages without a license through his art gallery, DD172. His four-story building is also used as a photography/ recording studio and rehearsal/ performance space for a number of indie […]