Zach Cooper

UTG INTERVIEW: Coheed And Cambria talk ‘The Color Before The Sun,’ ‘Star Wars’ spoilers, and more

We recently had the pleasure to chat with Coheed And Cambria bassist Zach “Super Duper” Cooper about the band’s current tour supporting their excellent new LP, The Color Before The Sun, as well as the writing process for the record, how Zach joined the band, Star Wars, and more. Be sure to catch Coheed on […]

Coheed and Cambria Nov, 2011

Coheed and Cambria Announce New Bassist, Zach Cooper

Coheed and Cambria has been in the studio for several months now. That’s a pretty exciting notion to any fan of New York’s favorite progressive rock band. There have been questions, however, to who exactly is IN the studio with the band. With Josh Eppard back in the seat, the percussion spot left open had […]