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War Games May Be The Next Band To Change Your Life

I was fortunate enough to spend several weeks participating in the Vans Warped Tour during the summer of 2012. My job, which at the time involved working for a music industry start-up focused on new artist discovery, sponsored a stage on the world’s largest traveling festival that offered more than 20 up-and-coming artists a chance to perform. We needed someone on site every day to coordinate and I was the lucky one chosen to carry out that task. It was a life-changing experience, and along the way it provided me several opportunities to discover new bands with a lot of …

Spillway As Astronauts Or Atoms

REVIEW: Spillway – ‘As Astronauts or Atoms’

Artist: Spillway
Album: As Astronauts or Atoms
Genre: Experimental Rock

There’s a new noise coming from the depths of Connecticut — it’s distraught to the point of interest, yet collective to the point of cohesiveness. Spillway, one of the most intriguing unsigned acts to grace the East Coast, has released its debut EP, As Astronauts or Atoms, and the record does little to disappoint.

Full of diverse numbers that engage listeners and transcend boundaries of traditional alternative rock music, it’s clear upon first listen that Spillway is a band not afraid to push the limits in its songwriting. …


Dave Chappelle Returns To Hartford, CT With OddBall Comedy Festival (Video)

Just over a year ago we ran a story about comedian Dave Chappelle having a meltdown in Hartford, CT while appearing on the inaugural Oddball Comedy Festival. It was an embarrassing moment for the comedian, and in the weeks that followed the former Comedy Central star was thrown through the ringer from various members of the press. No one knew if Chappelle would ever return to the tour again, let alone the city where his meltdown occurred, but over this past weekend Chappelle made good with a surprise appearance that has since found its way online.

The 2014 installment …


Ovlov Have Reunited

Less than 48 hours after CT-based band Ovlov announced via their Facebook page that they were breaking up, their record label, Exploding In Sound, posted that the band has reunited. Around that time, Ovlov shared a photo of Punk’d on their Facebook page as well as a comment saying they were “trying to hype up these 3 separate splits we’re about to put out.” Their “reunion” show will be held July 9 at Brooklyn’s DIY venue Silent Barn.

Earlier this year, Ovlov announced they would be putting out a new split with Little Big League. “The Great Crocodile” off said …


Ovlov Have Officially Broken Up

Connecticut-based band Ovlov just announced on their Facebook page that they are breaking up. Really.

On the post, they wrote that “like the last season of Degrassi” they too are putting an end to their limited run. They will still be playing shows on July 11 and August 17-20, although almost all of them are sold out since the band has been riding high since the success of their 2013 LP am. We’ll be busy listening to that and their recent split with Little Big League on repeat as we cry for the remainder of this week (if not month).…

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle Has Breakdown On Stage In Hartford

UPDATE: We now have video of what happened, provided after the jump. The footage begins a few minutes into the set, presumably after the crowd had begun disrupting the performance.

ORIGINAL POST: Dave Chappelle has returned to stand up comedy, and yet, on the fourth night of this tour, he has reportedly had an on stage meltdown. Reports are in that Chappelle did a few minutes of comedy in various lengths, with some reports saying as much as ten minutes and others as few as three minutes. Overall, what’s certain is this: the crowd in Hartford, Connecticut was loud …


Poverty Hollow Premiere “Concrete” Music Video

Connecticut alternative rockers Poverty Hollow have been around for years under a different band name, the slightly more normal name (and ever confusing with bands like SUUNS) of Suns. Nonetheless, the band has just released a self titled EP, toured with up and coming indie rock band Ovlov, and now, on Bloody Disgusting, they have debuted their first music video under the new moniker. “Concrete” follows the band being haunted in an abandoned mansion.

More than that, fans of experimental music and vocals in the style of Sunny Day Real Estate should check out this sweet new tune. Watch …


WATCH: The Guru Tour Documentary (Part One)

Connecticut indie rockers The Guru have recently gone off on tour. Though it’s been slightly less than two weeks, they’ve already gone from the east coast to the midwest.  The band has taken some footage and aims to turn it into a documentary; they’ve posted the first part of which on Youtube.

You may recall we loved their sophomore album, Go Easy. When news of a third release comes, we’ll be sure to break it to you.

Check out their tour dates and watch the tour video after the break.

I finished school with a music theory


STREAM: Disco Teen ’66 – Self-Titled (Album)

Connecticut surf punks (is that a thing?) Disco Teen ’66 have released their debut full length album. The self-titled release is out now on Seagreen Records and can be heard at their Bandcamp page. In the most unusual of release varieties, it is available for download at $3 and on a limited run of cassettes for $5. No vinyl, no CDs? Pretty unusual.

Overall, this release is still a creative and catchy mix from the self described “cotton candy rockers.” I know I enjoyed listening to the surf punk (that’s a thing). Stream it here after the break.

Hostage_Calm 2012

WATCH: Hostage Calm Perform On Audiotree Live

Audiotree has been rolling out videos of great bands lately, with Into It. Over It., Pentimento, and now Hostage Calm. They perform six songs in total: “Brokenheartland”, “Woke Up Next To A Body”, “On Both Eyes”, “The ‘M’ Word”, “War On A Feeling”, and “Don’t Die On Me Now”. “Don’t Die On Me Now” and “The ‘M’ Word” are perhaps my two favorites from their most recent album, Please Remain Calm.

It’s funny to think, but this video is actually longer than Please Remain Calm. We loved it when we reviewed it, giving the …


REVIEW: The Guru – Go Easy

Artist: The Guru
Album: Go Easy
Label: Seagreen Records
Genre: Funk / Indie Rock

Most modern scene music is sad. It’s mostly emo music or music based around some form of punk rock, laced with emotions, with typical lyrics about break ups and heart break and ex-girlfriends and angst. Connecticut’s The Guru are not without their share of meaningful lyrics, but it’s not emo music by any stretch. The Guru are a white Earth Wind & Fire with Modest Mouse, Brock-era vocals and more indie songwriting. Their second full length, Go Easy, is their best release yet.


LIVE REVIEW: Gwar – Toad’s Place, New Haven, Connecticut 10/15/2012

There are generally two kinds of live shows I go to: shows where you see some bands that you put on a pedestal; you worship them wherever they go and you have to know everything they do, they swallow you whole and devour your soul. Your taste curbs to their output, even when it shames you. Live shows from bands like that can be heartbreaking, as if they don’t deliver, then what is there left? They also have the potential to be those weird, transcendental experiences that feel like holy moments in life, connecting with people in a way you …