UTG’s 31 Days Of Halloween: ‘Suspiria′

Of all the holidays celebrated worldwide, no single day is more loved by the UTG staff than Halloween. With the arrival of October, the time has finally come to begin rolling out a plethora of features and special announcements we have prepared in celebration of our favorite day, including the one you’re about to read. […]

Rob Zombie Can Party But You Can’t Skateboard Near His Mansion

When Rob Zombie is not making horror films, touring around the country, or partying with his celebrity friends he is making it his duty to close down a small skate park in his hometown of Woodbury, Connecticut. The park, located very close to his mansion, is proving to be too loud for this rock star. […]

STREAM: Oceans Red – “Blood”

The guys in Oceans Red have released their first single under their new band name. The song is titled “Blood” and you can listen to it by taking a look below the jump. What are your thoughts? In case you weren’t aware, Oceans Red used to be named Make Me Famous, but changed their name […]

LIVE REVIEW: Gwar – Toad’s Place, New Haven, Connecticut 10/15/2012

There are generally two kinds of live shows I go to: shows where you see some bands that you put on a pedestal; you worship them wherever they go and you have to know everything they do, they swallow you whole and devour your soul. Your taste curbs to their output, even when it shames […]

Piracy Sucks! That Said, Check Out This Rip Of The Comic-Con “Evil Dead” Footage

We never want to encourage anyone to pirate media, but sometimes footage hits the net that cannot be denied. This is one of those cases. Last weekend, attendees of the New York Comic-Con were among the first in the world to see footage from the forthcoming remake of Evil Dead. Social networks exploded with praise […]

REVIEW: In This Moment – Blood

Artist: In This Moment Album: Blood Genre: Hard Rock I have been listening to In This Moment since high school. I remember the very first time I even heard of them, they were on tour supporting Walls Of Jericho and they had just released their debut album Beautiful Tragedy. I was easily won over by […]

NEW SINGLE: In This Moment – Blood

The five piece metal group known as In This Moment have dropped their very first single off their upcoming full length album. “Blood” is the title track off the record, which means the album is simply titled Blood. This album will be the band’s fourth full length album released via Century Media Records and is […]

In This Moment Will Release ‘Blood’ In August

In This Moment will release their forthcoming album, Blood, on August 14 through Century Media Records. UTG will keep you posted on pre-order information in the weeks to come. Frontwoman Maria Brink has this to say regarding the announcement. “There are no words to describe how excited we are… We are on fire with this […]

STREAM: Cancer Bats – Old Blood

Cancer Bats new song “Old Blood” has hit the internet and it is surely causing waves over here. Check out the latest track from their forthcoming effort Dead Set On Living, set to release in April, via Hassle Records. This new album will follow-up the group’s previous work, Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones, released in […]

MUSIC VIDEO: As Blood Runs Black – Resist

As Blood Runs Black just recently released their new music video “Resist,” that comes off their latest album Instinct. This video incorporates all things a metal head would enjoy including heavy guitar riffs, hair-whips, and flames. What more could you ask for? To purchase this single click here and to view this video click through. […]

Love Pop Music, Saved By The Bell, & Gore? The Cast of “Final Destination 5” Has A Gift For You

Say what you will about how scary they actually are, but I love the Final Destination franchise. Any true horror fan does. Where else can you see elaborate, high budget deaths in high volume? The latest entry to the franchise, Final Destination 5 hits theaters next week and to promote it, the cast have pulled […]

The Flaming Lips new NSFW music video

Follow THIS LINK for the incredibly confusing [and bloody] video for “The Sparrow Looks Up at the Machine” from last year’s “Embryonic,” but don’t saw we didn’t warn you!