oz the great and powerful


MOVIE REVIEW: Oz The Great And Powerful

Film: Oz The Great And Powerful Directed by: Sam Raimi Starring: James Franco, Mila Kunis Oz The Great And Powerful offers plenty of reasons to shell out a few extra bucks for 3D and features a number of memorable performances, but ultimately falls apart due to a thin script and a runtime twenty minutes too […]

mariah carey almost home

STREAM: Mariah Carey – “Almost Home”

No, Mariah Carey is not referencing post-hardcore act Circa Survive’s seminal 2007 effort On Letting Go with the artwork for her latest single “Almost Home”. It’s a tie in to Oz the Great and Powerful, the The Wizard of Oz prequel starring James Franco and the film for which this effort from Carey was commissioned. But enough joking […]


WATCH: Every Movie-Related Super Bowl 2013 Ad

Sports isn’t really our thing, but movie trailers are the type of content we spend all day and night praying for. While many of you were watching the game today, we were looking for those oh-so-expensive movie trailer ads. We now present them all to you without the hassle of watching football. This article is […]