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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘The Nice Guys’ is a loopy, drunk masterpiece

Film: The Nice Guys Directed by: Shane Black Starring: Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, Margaret Qualley Every Spring/Summer there seems to be a big studio movie that everyone exclaims is a masterpiece. Last year was Mad Max: Fury Road and that ended up being my favorite film of 2015. This year is The Nice Guys, a […]


This weekend’s box office results aren’t much of a surprise after last week’s incredible numbers. Just like last week, Iron Man 3 sits atop all of the others by a hearty estimated 70 million, but with less of a gap separating it and the current second highest grossing film, the star-studded The Great Gatsby, which […]

Iron Man 3


With several college’s letting out at this time of year, summertime action movies are making their return to the silver screen. Just like you might’ve assumed, Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man 3 made a major hit at the box office. With over 170 million made in sales from Friday and Saturday alone, it should come […]

SCENE & HEARD: Iron Man 3

Written by UTG critic Grace Duffy, Scene & Heard takes a look at the music that makes our favorite films so memorable. Whether it’s the 400-piece orchestra Christopher Nolan used for The Dark Knight, or the dozen or so bands that contributed to the soundtrack of Top Gun, there is no denying the impact music has on movies […]

18-Minute ‘Iron Man 3’ Soundtrack Sampler

Yes, an 18-minute sampler of the upcoming Iron Man 3 soundtrack. Heroes Fall features brand new music from a number of different bands including 3OH!3, Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees and many others! The album will be available for purchase on April 29, or you can go ahead and pre-order it on iTunes & Amazon now. […]


Movie: Iron Man 3 Director: Shane Black Writers: Shane Black, Drew Pearce Studio:Marvel Studios, DMG Entertainment You can stop saying “Stark Knight Rises” now. This expression has been doing the rounds since the very first trailer landed for Iron Man 3, implying that Tony Stark’s third outing would be some kind of serious, redemptive meditation […]

Drop Everything And Drool Over The First ‘THOR: The Dark World’ Trailer

“I gave you my word I would return…” The first teaser for Marvel Studios’ Thor: The Dark World has found its way online. Set for release this November, Thor: The Dark World will be the second film (after May’s Iron Man 3) in the Marvel Universe to take place in a post-Avengers world. When Earth […]

WATCH: Every Movie-Related Super Bowl 2013 Ad

Sports isn’t really our thing, but movie trailers are the type of content we spend all day and night praying for. While many of you were watching the game today, we were looking for those oh-so-expensive movie trailer ads. We now present them all to you without the hassle of watching football. This article is […]


Holy Shit. I am a Marvel movie fanboy until the day they turn me to ash or bury me in the ground, but I think I may have found a way to love them even more after witnessing what you’re about to see. Setting the tone for a post-Avengers universe, Iron Man 3 arrives in […]