Monday Morning Mind-Melter: Take This Lollipop

*Yawn* Is it Monday already? I’m sad to see my long unproductive weekend go. Oh well. Time to start counting down the days until Friday. Today I’ve got an eerie video for you called Take This Lollipop. I don’t want to in anyway give you hints as to what it’s about, so I’ll say no […]


Second Viral “Paranormal Activity 3” Clip Surfaces

Yesterday, Bloody-Disgusting was sent a mysterious VHS cassette promoting the upcoming film, Paranormal Activity 3. The video cassette revealed our first look at the type of horrific goods we can expect in the upcoming film, but today’s clip takes things even further. This time around, Dread Central (another great website) was the recipient of a […]


WATCH: Comedian Tommy Johnagin Plots & Reasons Murder

Comedian Tommy Johnagin is a favorite around the UTG offices and his latest viral clip, which features Joe Zimmerman, only furthers our appreciation. The clip, which you can view below, features Johnagin explaining his way out of some rather disturbing passages Zimmerman finds in his private journal.

FIRST LOOK: Anne Hathaway as CATWOMAN (photo)

Warner Bros. has released the first image of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman from the forthcoming film, The Dark Knight Rises. We know we don’t need to explain anything further so look below and give us your thoughts on the latest version of this comic legend:

MOVIE TRAILER: Paranormal Activity 3

Comic Con San Diego hasn’t even been underway a full twelve hours and an already one of the year’s most exciting horror entries has a new development. Apparently, attendees to the Con were given flyers for a new business, Darren’s Timeless Memories, which will convert VHS and BETA into digital files. However, when attendees visited […]

Rebecca Black releases new single and an ep comes after

When I first heard “Friday”, like most, I cried a little. “What is the music industry coming to?”, I thought. However, Black’s time came and went. Or so it seemed. It has been revealed today that the 14 year old Youtube sensation is finishing up a 5 track EP. Furthermore, she will be self releasing […]

Kids react to Lady Gaga

We have fallen in love with the team behind Youtube’s “kids react” video series. So far, we have seen them react to Rebecca Black, as well as many other quote.unquote “kid-centric” things, but this time we really have the mother-load. Click below to see how a group of children react when shown fotage of Mother […]

Mysterious Coldplay album teaser

Coldplay have released another strange promotional video for their upcoming album. You can view the clip, entitled “And finally,” below.

Sum 41 release live video

Sum 41 released their viral video for their title track Screaming Bloody Murder that will hit stores on March 29th. This video shows footage from the group’s live performances, goofing around and backstage. Watch it after the jump.

Aiden get cryptic with new website

Aiden have updated their official website. Anyone have an idea what this could mean?