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The M’s – Real Close Ones

Band: The M’s Album: Real Close Ones Genre: Psychedelic Rock Label: Polyvinyl Tracks: 1. Big Sound 2. Breakfast Score 3. Pigs Fly 4. Don’t Be Late 5. Papers 6. Get Your Sh*t Together 7. Ultraviolent Men 8. Naked 9. Impossible View 10. Bros in Arms 11. Tryin To Keep 12. Days in The Sun 13. […]

We Interviewed Vincent from The Acacia Strain!

Today, [UTG] James spoke briefly with Vincent from The Acacia Strain. Below you can find the interview that transpired and don’t forget to buy their new album: Continent, in stores now! J: Hey Vincent, how are you today? V: I’m alright. Cockpunch has a show tonight [his other band]. J: So give us a little […]

The Black Angels – Directions To See A Ghosts

Band: The Black Angels Album: Directions To See A Ghost Genre: Psychedelic Rock Label: Light In The Attic Tracks: 1. You On The Run 2. Doves 3. Science Killer 4. Mission District 5. 18 Years 6. Deer-Ree-Shee 7. Never/Ever 8. Vikings 9. You in Color 10. The Return 11. Snake in The Grass When you […]

Ligeia – Bad News

Band: Ligeia Album: Bad News Genre: Hardcore/Metal Label: Ferret Tracks: 1. Bad News 2. Johnny Cash 3. I’ve Been Drinking 4. Hot Mess 5. One Night Stand 6. Teenage Wasteland 7. Interlude 8. Bombshell 9. Heroin Diaries 10. Thanks For Nothing 11. Hoodrat If there’s anything you’ve learned by looking at our reviews, it should […]

We interviewed Kevin from DISCIPLE!

Today, James spent a few minutes on the phone with Kevin from Disciple and the contents of that conversation can be found below. Be sure to check out the band’s new album, Southern Hospitality, in stores this October [our review will be up soon!] J: Hey Kevin, how are you doing thus far today? K:. […]

Trapt – Only Through The Pain

Band: Trapt Album: Only Through The Pain Genre: Rock Label: Eleven Seven Tracks: 1. Wasteland 2. Whose Going Home With You Tonight 3. Contagious 4. Black Rose 5. Ready When You Are 6. Forget About The Rain 7. Cover Up 8. Only One in Color 9. Wherever She Goes 10. Curiosity Kills 11. Last Tear […]

Hawthorne Heights – Fragile Future

Band: Hawthorne Heights Album: Fragile Future Genre: Rock/ Post Hardcore Label: Victory Tracks: 1. The Business of Paper Stars 2. Rescue Me 3. Somewhere In Between 4. Until The Judgment Day 5. Somewhere In Between 6. Sugar in The Engine 7. Desperation 8. Four Become One 9. 231 10. Disaster 11. Let Go of Everything […]

My Epic – I Am Undone

Band: My Epic Album: I Am Undone Genre: Ambient/Post Hardcore Label: Dreamt/Facedown Tracks: 1. Prologue 2. The Oil Press 3. Lest We Die 4. The Lover and The Thief 5. Perelandra 6. You Know We All Love You 7. Our Little Girl 8. Men In Little Houses 9. Communion 10. You Became I 11. – […]

The White Tie Affair – Walk This Way

Band: The White Tie Affair Album: Walk This Way Genre: Pop Rock/Dance Rock Label: Epic Tracks: 1. Allow Me To Introduce Myself…Mr. Right 2. The Letdown 3. Candle 4. Scene Change 5. Watching You 6. The Enemy 7. Take it Home 8. Price of Company 9. If I Fall 10. The Way Down Imagine that […]

Kevin Devine – Another Bag Of Bones 7"

Band: Kevin Devine Album: Another Bag of Bones 7″ Genre: Folk/Indie Label: Academy Fight Song Tracks: 1. Another Bag of Bones 2. Love Me, I’m A Liberal Kevin Devine is a modern day Bob Dylan. Yea, that’s how I’m going to start this review. From the moment I was introduced to this talented young songwriter […]

An Interview with Skeletonwitch

Our good friend Alex at All About The Music [click the metal news link on the side] recently did an interview with SKELETONWITCH. We thought we’d introduce you to Alex and his site by letting you into the world of Skeletonwitch. Be sure to support the band and Alex [I’m sure he’ll be showing his […]

Eyes Set To Kill – Reach

Band: Eyes Set To Kill Album: Reach Genre: Hardcore/Rock Label: Break Silence Tracks: 1. Intro 2. Sketch in Black & White 3. Reach 4. Darling 5. Violent Kiss 6. Young Blood Spills Tonight 7. Where We Started 8. Into The Night 9. Give You My All 10. Liar in The Glass 11. Only Holding On […]