We interviewed Kevin from DISCIPLE!

Today, James spent a few minutes on the phone with Kevin from Disciple and the contents of that conversation can be found below. Be sure to check out the band’s new album, Southern Hospitality, in stores this October [our review will be up soon!]

J: Hey Kevin, how are you doing thus far today?

K:. I’m acutaqlly doing really well today.

J: You guys have been on the road for a bit now, but with the new album coming out, I’m sure you’ve got plenty more shows coming up. What tour plans does Disciple have for the fall?

K: You know, we just finished the new album and not too many people know this, but with my wife and I expecting our first child in September, so we’re taking a month off. We’ll hit it really hard when the album comes out, but not as a real tour, but a lot of shows. At the first of the year we want to get something big together though.

J: Speaking of the new album, can you tell us the title and maybe a bit of the meaning behind it?

K: . The album is called Southern Hospitality. It was a tour we had last year and when we were writing this record we noticed a lot of songs had this southern rock sound. It was a lot like the sound we had long ago. I really liked this sound and asked the guys if they noticed and ran with it. It’s not a throwback album sound wise, but it just has that blues/southern rock feel to it like that material. Most people probably won’t even notice though.

J: Disciple has been together for over 16 years now. What new sounds do you bring to the plate with this new album and what else would you say sets it apart from your other discs?

K: . you know, it’s jsut better. We couldn’t be more proud of our last disc, but I think what made me know this record was something great was that everyone was excited about it. Not just the band, but the label, managers, and everyone wanted in on it and wanted to help out. It let us know we’ve done something really great and we’re excited about it.

J: You guys won Rock Album of the year last year from the GMAs, how has or has it changed how the band is approached by say the label or agents?

K: .Probably, but I really don’t pay attention to that sort of thing. We’re still the same guys we’ve always been and we don’t get caught up in all that. We have noticed more doors opening and more opportunities, but as far as “the industry”, we jsut don’t focus on that as much. Instead of 30 people knowing a songa night, it’s 300 and that is pretty cool.

J: Recently, we spoke wth Family Force 5 who said they were big fans of your and amazed that you’ve been able to stay relevant for so long. Is there anything specific you have done to stay in the light of the rock scene or this just what has come as the band has grown?

K: It’s so tempting to take credit for it, but I can’t. I hate to sound super spiritual here, but it really is the kind of thing that God…Well before I get into this, we’ve seen a lot of bands get together, rise, and then fall apart while we’re still going. I don’t know what really we’ve done, but I know we’ve always tried to stay true to God and what he wants us to do. I’m not saying we’ll go on forever, I know a time will come when it’s over, but that’s in God’s hand. That 100% the reason we’ve been relevant for so long. We just write what we know and what’s real and I think that’s what people connect with.

J: You’re known for your constant touring, but with nearly every member married, how does this affect you and the band? Dot he wives come out with you? Do you spend more time at home? What’s changed?

K: . You know, it’s always changing. Wives are welcome on the road and some work and some come out. We jsut go out and hit the road and come home when we can. We play hard, then come home, play hard, and then come home. Things haven’t changed too much yet, but I’m sure they will.

J: Back to the album, you use to have Brad Noah playing lead guitar, but he left to settle down. However, you mentioned he would still be involved in writing. Was this the case on the new record and to what extent? How did the new members take to an ex member writing, but not playing?

K: . Brad just decided to stop playing live on the road. He never quit the band and is still very much an active member of the band. He and I wrote a lot of the new album. Him being home gave him a lot of time to work on the album and gave us extra help working on the disc. Then when we hit the real studio it was just great. The new guitar players understand Brad’s role and respect him. I mean, they have no problems with him or his role in the band. The new guys are some of the best things to happen to the band. They’re fun and great guys. I couldn’t ask for a better group of guys. We’re unique to have a guitar player at home and some others on the road, but that’s us.

J: A little bird told me you may have a large feature/cover in the upcoming issue of HM, is this true?

K . It is true. I’m told we have the feature article. I’ve been a fan for a long time and it’s an honor to be on the cover.

J: You’re a band that lives on the road and obviously merch sales are a big thing that helps with your ability to do that. With the recent comeback of vinyl [lps] as a marketable item, has Disciple considered using this format for future releases or perhaps putting out the old albums again?
K: We’re still just caught up in our roles and what we do. It would never have crosse dour minds and it takes someone on the outside coming up and saying something. I don’t care how it comes out, as long as it does. We jsut want it to be heard by somebody.

J: Instead of a final question, we prefer to let you make a closing statement. The podium is yours, any last remarks?

K: . Honestly, the only thing I can possibly add is that I’m really thankful God is still using us and allowing us to play music and do what we love. It’s a real honor to serve him and have a platform to serve Christ. We take it seriously and never take it for granted. We’re really thankful people want to listen to us and that people like you want to talk to us. We’re jsut really greatful.

J: On behalf of Under The Gun Review I just want to thank you for taking the time to work with us and I can’t wait to see what you guys do next.

K: Thank you so much.

J: Thank you.

*Written By: James Shotwell*

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