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All That Remains – Overcome

Band: All That Remains Album: Overcome Genre: Metal Label: Prosthetic / Razor and Tie Tracks: 1. Before the Damned 2. Two Weeks 3. Undone 4. Forever In Your Hands 5. Chiron 6. Days Without 7. A Song For The Hopeless 8. Do Not Obey 9. Relinquish 10. Overcome 11. Believe in Nothing If I was […]

Bayside – Shudder [revisited!]

Band: Bayside Album: Shudder Genre: Rock Label: Victory Tracks: 1. Boy 2. The Ghost of St. Valentine 3. No One Understands 4. What and What Not 5. A Call To Arms 6. I Can’t Go On 7. Demons 8. Have Fun Storming The Castle 9. Howard 10. Roshambo 11. I Think I’ll Be Ok 12. […]

Cavity Records MEGA-INTERVEW featuring NORTH and GIANTS

Just to change things up with our interview habits, you’re not about to read one, but two interviews in a single post! This weekend James spent a lot of time on the phone with two of our new favorite bands: North and Giants. Both these acts have amazing new albums out and reviews for those […]

Wrench In The Works – The Lost Art of Heaping Coal

Band: Wrench in the Works Album: Lost Art of Heaping Coal Genre: Christian Metal/Hardcore Label: Facedown Tracks: 1. Dust Over Time Test 2. Tonight Is War 3. Our Time 4. Brokenness 5. One Foot Out Of Hell 6. Pale Fire 7. Death Letter 8. Loaded Gun 9. Faith As A Virus 10. Lost Art Of […]

We Interviewed Marc Bianchi – aka – Her Space Holiday!

Yesterday, we spoke to Marc Bianchi [Her Space Holiday] on the phone about his upcoming album XOXO, Panda and The New Kid Revival. This release is one of [UTGJ James’ favorite albums of the year on the way [Oct. 7th], and we felt it necessary to take a few minutes to talk to the mastermind […]

After The Burial – Rareform

Band: After The Burial Album: Rareform Genre: Hardcore/Metal Label: Sumerian Tracks: 1. Berzerker 2. Drifts 3. Cursing Akhenaten 4. Rareform 5. Aspiration 6. The Fractal Effect 7. Ometh 8. A Vicious Reforming of Features I got a little worried when, five seconds into the first song off of After the Burial’s newest release Rareform, the first […]

I Set My Friends on Fire – You Can’t Spell Slaughter Without Laughter

Band: I Set My Friends On Fire Album: You Can’t Spell Slaughter Without Laughter Genre: Electronic Hardcore Label: Epitaph Tracks: 1. Sh*t Talks…I’m Out of Here 2. Brief Interviews with Hideous Men 3. Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beerholder 4. Things That Rhyme with Orange 5. ASL 6. Interlude 7. Ravenous, Ravenous, Rhinos […]

We interviewed FOX from See You Next Tuesday

In anticipation for their new album Intervals, all of us at UTG have been going crazy about See You Next Tuesday. Last week found us reviewing the new album and this week we’re diving a bit deeper into the life of SYNT and the mind of their vocalist, Fox. This interview is the result of […]

The Sound Of Animals Fighting – The Ocean And The Sun

Band: The Sound Of Animals Fighting Album: The Ocean and The Sun Genre: Progressive/Experimental Label: Epitaph Tracks: 1. Intro 2. The Ocean and The Sun 3. I, The Swan 4. Another Leather Lung 5. Lude 6. Cellophane 7. The Heraldic Beak Of The Manufacturer’s Medallion 8. Chinese New Year 9. Uzbekistan 10. Blessings Be Yours […]

We Interviewed Kyle from Breathe Carolina!

Today, JP talked to Kyle from Breathe Carolina! The contents of said conversation can be found below! Be sure to check out their album It’s Classy, Not Classic as soon as you possibly can. JP: Hey Kyle, where does the day find you? K: Good, just woke up a bit ago, and didn’t have to […]

See You Next Tuesday – Intervals

Band: See You Next Tuesday Album: Intervals Genre: Grindcore Label: Ferret Tracks: 1. Nascence 2. In The End 3. The Life in Death 4. Eternity? 5. Alpha 6. She Once Said I Was A Romantic 7. Daydreams 8. Nightmares 9. In The Beginning 10. Forever on Deaf Ears 11. Goodnight [Our Last Dance] 12. This […]

Quick Shots – September

Due to an overflow of albums at UTG, we’re forced to condense some reviews in order to feature more albums for your reading pleasure. Each month we will do three or four quick shot reviews that summarize a normally 5 paragraph review into a single solid thought. If you want to know more about any […]