We Interviewed Kyle from Breathe Carolina!

Today, JP talked to Kyle from Breathe Carolina! The contents of said conversation can be found below! Be sure to check out their album It’s Classy, Not Classic as soon as you possibly can.

JP: Hey Kyle, where does the day find you?

K: Good, just woke up a bit ago, and didn’t have to drive, so I’m good.

JP: How about a quick history lesson on Breathe Carolina?

K: We started in February 2007, put the first song on Myspace at the end of March. We just started playing shows around Denver and played our first out of state shows in December 2007.

JP: So, if I may ask, what’s the story behind your group’s name?

K: David had it premeditated. It came from a dream he had about a lady named Carolina who was living his life. He saw her from an outsider perspective…..I Guess that’s kind of a weird way to name a band.

JP: In the wake of the Myspace explosion, you were one of the many bands swept up by labels. The problem is that many of these artists haven’t been able to hold their own in the real music world….what sets BC apart??

K: We just try to be as real as possible, we just try to do our thing and have fun. It’s hard to tell what really sets us apart, I guess I don’t really put myself in other’s shoes.

JP: You signed with Rise Records, a label known mainly for their presence in the hardcore/metalcore world. Why did you, a more electronic pop driven act, choose to go this route?

K: We listened to Anatomy of A Ghost, Fear Before, and were friends with Drop Dead Gorgeous before they signed, so we’ve been following the label for a long time. After meeting Craig and talking to him, we figured it was right and we didn’t really worry about what other bands he had or anything.

JP: Okay, onto the album, what’s the story behind the title, It’s Classy, Not Classic?

K: Kinda just living in the moment, not trying to do something that’s already been done. Not just with music, but with everything. Living your own life, not anyone else’s.

JP: You brought tracks back around from your initial EP for this release. Why did you bring back old material and not just release a slew of new tracks?

K: The label wanted it and we never had those songs out on a hard copy. It’s for the kids who wanted it and had yet to get it.

JP: It’s hard to believe such a wall of sound comes from two guys, how do you make it work in a live setting? Also, what are your fall tour plans?

K: We just have each other do what we do. David produced the whole record and laid down the synth and beats. We use a hard synth on stage for the new songs instead of a soft synth, we use a vocoder live and such as well. We just trust each other to do it. We’ll be wrapping up headlining dates on Oct. 5th and then we’ll be heading out with Pierce The Veil, Four Letter Lie, and Emarosa on Oct. 15th. We’re really excited about that!

JP: To be random: If you had to live within an 80’s teen comedy, what film would you choose?

K: I would like to live in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That’s kind of a comedy. It was my favorite show growing up. We woke to some crazy show on Nickelodeon the other day, it was nuts. It would be trippy to live in those worlds.

JP: We don’t believe in final questions at UTG. We simply ask that you make a closing statement of your own to go out on. Talk about anything/anyone/or anyplace. It’s all up to you:

K: We’re stoked to be on tour and we’re really happy we get to do this. It’s crazy to do this stuff live now, it’s just so real now. Thanks to everyone whose been supporting us this whole time.

*Written By: James Shotwell*

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