See You Next Tuesday – Intervals

Band: See You Next Tuesday
Album: Intervals
Genre: Grindcore
Label: Ferret

1. Nascence
2. In The End
3. The Life in Death
4. Eternity?
5. Alpha
6. She Once Said I Was A Romantic
7. Daydreams
8. Nightmares
9. In The Beginning
10. Forever on Deaf Ears
11. Goodnight [Our Last Dance]
12. This Time The Keys Are Broken
13. Dedication To A New Era
14. One of These Days
15. Omega
16. 11/22/07
17. January and On
I’ve been told by countless relatives and friends that I listen to “noise”. Despite what anyone else has told me, I do not fail to see the beauty in the frantic art that is the grindcore genre. With that in mind, as far as grindcore is concerned: See You Next Tuesday is Da Vinci and Intervals is the Mona Lisa.

Intervals is SYNT’s second album, the first being Parasite. One of the best things about Parasite was its almost schizophrenic song structure; songs jumping all over the place in tempo and sound. Parasite didn’t really have a central theme (as most of the songs were well established before Fox even got involved with the band) and there seemingly was no method to the madness. This isn’t a bad thing though, I love Parasite and so do thousands of other people. On Intervals however, it’s a whole different story.
Intervals is about time. I didn’t need to talk to the band to figure that out (although we did talk to them). One of the first things I noticed when listening to this album is that the music didn’t just jump in to a breakdown. No, on this record, the music just naturally slowed down and sped up between brutal sludge breakdowns and frantic assaults of blastbeats and pick sweeps. There is a good example of this is the second track on the album “In The End”. The song starts out really slow and just speeds up each time the verse riff repeats. It really sets the tone of the whole album. It was evident early on that this was a much more mature See You Next Tuesday then I could have ever imagined seeing.
The production quality on Intervals is a lot better than most of the bands in SYNT’s genre. For starters, it is stunning how amazing the drums sound. It’s honestly one of the best sounding drum tracks on an album I’ve ever heard. The vocals stand out just as much as they should and don’t overpower Drew’s amazing guitar work. The album has a very live feel to it, but not so much that it sounds muddy.
Something else that really surprised me about Intervals was the amount of ambient noises used in the background. Drew really explored all the different sounds you can get to come out of a guitar and put them all to good use. Here’s the best part: they pull this off perfectly live. Drew runs his guitar up and down his amp to get feedback and string noises which adds a whole new level of awesome to an already amazing live act. Seriously, even if you hate the music, check them out when they come to your town, it’s worth the sight. SYNT’s raw energy and stage presence is unrivaled in my book.

I can’t get over how much I love this album. Ask James, he’s sick of me talking about it. It’s a masterpiece of music and the start of a new, fully realized See You Next Tuesday. It’s everything I wanted in a good experimental deathgrind album, and a great sophomore release from an under-appreciated band. This is hands down, my pick for best album of 2008.

*Written By: Justin Proper*
GRADE: 9.8/10

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