Wrench In The Works – The Lost Art of Heaping Coal

Band: Wrench in the Works
Album: Lost Art of Heaping Coal
Genre: Christian Metal/Hardcore
Label: Facedown

1. Dust Over Time Test
2. Tonight Is War
3. Our Time
4. Brokenness
5. One Foot Out Of Hell
6. Pale Fire
7. Death Letter
8. Loaded Gun
9. Faith As A Virus
10. Lost Art Of Heaping Coal

Wrench in the works is a 3-piece Christian Metalcore band out of Connecticut. They have been previously called Groundzero and Emanuel 7. These guys are constantly touring the U.S. and even Canada to get their name out.

When I began listening to Lost Art of Heaping Coal I was dazzled by the sound these guys create while having merely three members. First off the drums, oh lord the drums. That is the first thing that really stood out about these guys. Their drummer is completely outrageous; he uses some of the most unique patterns that I have personally ever heard. Second the guitar and bass riffs. They are pretty unique sounding and have some pretty diverse sounds.

Alright so on to the actual tracks, now I must say my personal favorite track on this album would have to be “Tonight Is War.” It is most deffinatly the most energetic track on this album. Once again the drummer came through right from the start on this track. It starts off with a really fast riff and double bass action and keeps attention throughout. It also contains an extremely sick breakdown. I would have to say this is lyrically the best song on the entire album as well.

Another song that I personally really enjoyed was “Faith As A Virus.” It has a pretty cool sounding riff from the start and goes into a slower paced cleaner sounding part into a heavier part which I personally feel is the strongest part of the song. The vocals really did the standing out on this track more then anything. There is a really good balance of all the instruments in this track too.

“One Foot Out Of Hell” was another track that stood out on this album. It first really caught my attention by the powerful message that they have in this song. There is also a really good amount of suspense in this song leading up to heavier parts with melodic riffs and slow paced drum rolls. This has to be the most Christian song on this album too, which is why you can really tell this group of guys really care about their God the meaning behind why they are playing. The best part of this song would have to be the breakdown and it’s beast feature would have to be the double bass and splash cymbal used by the drummer.

Now one thing about the album that I really didn’t care for is some songs seemed to be dragged out. Also I feel that there was room for more diversity on this album. A lot of the tracks (besides the ones I mention) kind of all blended together. Also I felt the vocals could have been a little more diverse.

To sum up Lost Art of Heaping Coal, I would just like to say that this cd has some of the best drum work that I have heard in my entire life. That is the thing that stood out to me more then anything. Wrench In The Work is a group of very talented guys, and I must say this cd isn’t a let down. The only thing was it lacked diversity. These guys worked their ass’s off to put out a good cd and they achieved it.

*Written by: Danny Weiss*
Grade: 6.5/10

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