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Fear Before – Fear Before

Band: Fear Before Album: Fear Before Label: Equal Vision Genre: Rock Tracks: 1. Treeman 2. I’m Fine Today 3. Fear Before Doesn’t Listen To People Who Don’t Like Them 4. Get Your Life Together 5. Jabberwocky 6. Everything’s Not Shitty 7. Tycho 8. Bad Days 9. Stay Weird 10. Review Our Lives (Epic) Hey, who’s […]

Kanye West – 808s and Heartbreak

Band: Kanye West Album: 808s and Heartbreak Genre:  Hip Hop/Pop Label: Roc-A-Fella/G.O.O.D./Def Jam Tracks: 1. Say You Will 2. Welcome To Heartbreak 3. Heartless 4. Amazing 5. Love Lockdown 6. Paranoid 7. RoboCop 8. Street Lights 9. Bad News 10. See You In My Nightmares 11. Coldest Winter The whole idea that the bigger something […]

The Vegas Report – Vignettes

Band: The Vegas Report Album: Vignettes Genre:  Rock/Post Rock Label: Driven Records Tracks: 1. First Snow 2. Ears To The Machine 3. Sunrise 4. Eye Contacts 5. Red Solo Cups 6. Were They Not Patriots Have you ever been to see a movie and afterwards thought something to the extent of, “Man! That movie would […]

Brokencyde – BC13

Band: Brokencyde Album: BC13 Genre:  Scene Electronic Label: Suburban Noize Tracks: 1. Freaxxx 2. Sex Toyz 3. Schitzo 4. Hofosho 5. Bree Bree Last week, UTG grinded a few gears with our review of Jeffree Star’s abomination of an EP and this week; we’re kicking it up a notch. It’s not that we have anything […]

It’s James’ Birthday and He Has A Gift For You!

Under The Gun Review owner James Shotwell turns 21 this Sunday! Since there is no way we can all get together to celebrate, James decided to gather some songs from some friends of UTG to give you so you can have a rocking weekend on your own! Happy Birthday James! Tracks: Hip Hop: 1. We […]

Escape The Fate – This War Is Ours

  Band: Escape The Fate Album: This War Is Ours Genre:  Rock/Hard Rock Label: Epitaph Tracks: 1. We Won’t Back Down 2. On To The Next One 3. Ashley 4. Something 5. The Flood 6. Let It Go 7. You Are So Beautiful 8. This War Is Ours [The Guillotine II] 9. Miles Wide 10. […]

Graham Wright – The Lakes of Alberta

Artist: Graham Wright of Tokyo Police Club Album: The Lakes of Alberta Genre: Acoustic Label: Unsigned Track Listing: 1.The Lakes of Alberta, Pt. II 2.Medicine Hat 3.Canmore Hotel 4.The Lakes of Alberta, Pt. I 5.When I Get There  When I first caught wind of this album, I hoped that it would sound similar to Tokyo […]

Driver Side Impact – Lion

Band: Driver Side Impact Album: Lion Genre:  Scene Rock Label: Victory Tracks: 1. Walking On Water 2. Patience 3. Rumor Mill 4. The Ties That Bind and Break Within 5. The Lion 6. Elysium 7. Better In The Rain 8. The Day You Made The Sky Fall 9. All For Nothing 10. Ascending 11. Heaven […]

Brothers – Black Friday

  Band: Brothers Album: Black Friday Genre:  Hardcore Label: Saw Her Ghost Tracks: 1. Beginnings 2. War At Home 3. Trapped 4. Black Friday 5. Day One 6. So Sincere 7. Never Again 8. Strength In Numbers 9. Hand of Judgement 10. The Destroyer 11. Is Anyone Listening Forget everything you think you know about […]

Artist Vs. Poet – Artist Vs. Poet EP

  Band: Artist Vs. Poet Album: Artist Vs. Poet EP Genre:  Pop Rock Label: Fearless Tracks: 1. Run Away 2. Assurance Closure 3. Lisa Marie 4. Infallible Remedy 5. All In It seems like every label is getting out Myspace sensations this year. We had I Set My Friends on Fire from Epitaph and now we get […]

Show Review – Chiodos/Silverstein/Escape The Fate/Alesana/A Skylit Drive!

Chiodos/Silverstein/Escape The Fate/Alesana/A Skylit Drive Nov. 14, 2008 The Orbit Room – Grand Rapids, MI I am not the largest Alesana fan. They’re music is not my favorite, and the very first time I heard one of their songs, I wrote them off as being not my style. Surprisingly enough, I liked Alesana’s set. This […]

Dr. Acula – Below Me!

  Band: Dr. Acula Album: Below Me! Genre: Grindcore/Partycore Label: Uprising Tracks: 1. Beer Pong Massacre 2. Why I’m Afraid Of Bees 3. Night Of The Living Dummy 4. Go Eat Worms 5. You Can’t Scare Me 6. Say Cheese and Die 7. Shocker on Shock Street 8. Piano Lessons Can Be Murder 9. Say […]