Show Review – Chiodos/Silverstein/Escape The Fate/Alesana/A Skylit Drive!

Chiodos/Silverstein/Escape The Fate/Alesana/A Skylit Drive
Nov. 14, 2008
The Orbit Room – Grand Rapids, MI

Taken By: James Shotwell

Taken By: James Shotwell

I am not the largest Alesana fan. They’re music is not my favorite, and the very first time I heard one of their songs, I wrote them off as being not my style. Surprisingly enough, I liked Alesana’s set. This is the second time I’ve seen them live with Chiodos, and enjoyed this set much more than last fall’s, even though the boys came out in outfits that matched their banners. It’s not often that you see men in white pants, and every member of the band was wearing them, leading me to wonder if they’re attempting to start a winter fashion trend. Maybe they’ll wear them as camouflage once is begins to snow, as I can’t imagine someone walking down the street in white pants. Their set was very well put together, and the band moved around stage in unison.

Escape The Fate’s set lacked animation. Until the final two songs, there was very little crowd participation, and the audience seemed about as bored as the band. They seemed out of energy, and made it obvious through their actions, or lack thereof, that they had been on the road for quite some time. I understand that being on tour is difficult, but your performance does not necessarily have to suffer because of it. I felt as though the band members were extremely stiff, and just stood there playing their instruments. If they play many more shows like this, I fear that they may begin to have a reputation for having a lame live show. Their performance left me feeling unsure of Craig as a front man, and of the direction of the entire band. 

Silverstein’s set had the best light shows I’ve seen since Atreyu’s performance on last years Taste of Chaos tour. That said, lights alone can not make or break a show. I was a little disappointed with Silverstein, not because they played poorly (they actually played quite well), but because they do not seem to have a defining characteristic on stage that sets them apart from other bands of the same genera. However, one of my favorite points of the entire show was when My Heroine was began acoustically, and picked up by the entire band.

The last time I witnessed a band stop in the middle of a set to help out an audience member was at Warped Tour in 2004. It‘s very refreshing to see bands care so much about the fans that take care for them. Chiodos stopped playing in the middle of a song to take care of a girl that Craig saw passed out in the audience. Though many bands say that they care about and appreciate their fans, it’s rare to see them do anything about it. This is not the best I’ve ever seen Chiodos play, as I’ve seen them live six times, but it was not the worst either. Even after weeks of touring, Craig Owens voice never seems to falter or hit a discordant note. Craig sat down several times to rest during songs, leaving keyboardist Bradley and guitarist Pat to pick up the stage show. It was Brad and Pat’s night to shine, and they did quite brightly. 

I would like to give a special thank you to our friends at WGRD 97.9 Grand Rapids. Next time you see them at a show, give their wheel a spin! 

*Written By: Sarah Rodda*

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