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FINALLY: Dr Acula Break Up

We have not kept our distaste for New York’s Dr Acula too quiet over the years, and for good reason. On the few occasions we have come in contact with them since their early days as MySpace standouts they have continually shown zero respect towards us and gone as far as to attempt framing our […]

DAMMIT: Dr. Acula Put On Their Serious Face, Release New Song

Victory Records’ Dr. Acula have released the first song off their forthcoming album. Entitled “Nation,” the track finds the group’s vocalists (because Victory loves bands with two vocalists) switching lines about the state of the nation and how everyone needs to band together while doing their best to scream worse than one another. You can […]

PLEASE STOP: Dr. Acula Release “Party 2.0” Video

Over the past few years Victory Records has slowly switch focus from the emo/alternative scene that heralded their economic rise in the early aughts, to a quasi-experimental heavy label with random flares of bad pop rock ideas, and the results have been as increasing awful as they have been quote/unquote “metal.” One of the latest […]

Dr. Acula Headline The Fuck! All Your Friends Tour

UTG has got to admit, this is the oddest pairing of a tour so far. Dr. Acula have revealed their Fuck! All Your Friends Tour featuring support from The Devastated and Design the Skyline. Check out all of the tour schedule right here and let us know if you’re attempting to go to this. 2/1: […]

CLIP STREAM: Dr. Acula – No Sleep (Wiz Khalifa Cover)

Dr. Acula have released a clip of their Wiz Khalifa cover, which will soon serve as the band’s latest digital single. “No Sleep,” which Wiz fans will recall from Rolling Papers, gets released digitally today through Victory Records. We can’t say we support purchasing this song, but streaming the clip below should remind us all […]

New album/tour from Girl On Fire

The new EP from Girl On Fire is set to be released on September 13, 2011. The band will then go on tour in support of the EP, entitled Revenge, with Get Scared and Dr. Acula. The tour will go from September 6, to October 16, and the EP will be available for purchase during […]

Joey Simpson has left Dr. Acula

According to a very lengthy statement from keyboard player Joey Simpson, it has been revealed that he is no longer a part of Dr. Acula. A ton of misinformation and rumors have been thrown around the internet and Joey is here to clear them all up. Read the official statement below. On June 20th 2011 […]

Aiden announce “Horror Nights Tour” with Eyes Set To Kill and more

In the words of VH1, Aiden are having the best week ever. In addition to releasing their killer new album Disguises, Aiden have also dropped a controversial new video and announced their headlining tour. The latter, the “Horror Nights Tour” will find the group trekking across the US with support from Eyes Set To Kill, […]

Live: Dr. Acula “Who You Gonna Call?!”

Watch Dr. Acula perform their new song “Who You Gonna Call?!” off of their release, Slander, live at The Ruins.

Music Video: Dr. Acula – “Who You Gonna Call”

Victory Records are on their grind today, releasing yet another music video. This time around, partygrind masters Dr. Acula have unveiled their clip for “Who You Gonna Call.” Check it out, after the jump!

Dr. Acula’s second websiode

Check out the second webisode from Dr. Acula capturing the band’s antics, goofing off and having some extreme fun in the recording process. Their upcoming release called Slander from Victory Records hit shelves on February 15th.

Dr. Acula audio stream “Cocaine Avalanche”

Stream Dr. Acula‘s new song called “Cocaine Avalanche” by clicking past the jump.