Driver Side Impact – Lion

Band: Driver Side Impact
Album: Lion
Genre:  Scene Rock
Label: Victory

1. Walking On Water
2. Patience
3. Rumor Mill
4. The Ties That Bind and Break Within
5. The Lion
6. Elysium
7. Better In The Rain
8. The Day You Made The Sky Fall
9. All For Nothing
10. Ascending
11. Heaven

After a roller-coaster ride of emotions from touring and recording Driver Side Impact returns in 2008 with a more mature outlook and sound on their newest album Lion. It is truly a step in the positive direction for the band. 

Replacing nearly half of their original line-up you might think that there would be initial problems with synchronizing everyone’s talents. In this case it is the complete opposite. All of the members meshed well. They recruited Mike Ferri (bass), Mark Woodbridge (guitar) and Josh Rapala (drummer). Their sound is fresh and new compared to their last album The Very Air We Breathe. 

The first track “Walking on Water” features Derek Sanders from the popular band Mayday Parade. This track helps develop the overall pace for the album and draw the listener in. The other tracks that follow are just as infectious and provide constant reassurance this bands overall talent. The instrumental tracks, “The Ties That Bind And Break Within” and “Heaven”, seem like they do not serve a purpose. The band could have considered making “Heaven” into a full song with lyrics which would have helped it not come off as such a random piece.

It seems as though vocalist Branden Langhals is sometimes too melodramatic with his soft singing in between his rapturous choruses and harmonies. When he does hit the high notes, however, the listener can really feel the presence and charisma in his singing, which is refreshing.

This compilation is not exactly topping of my list when it comes to great albums but makes a strong presence and delivers a message of perseverance and determination, which I appreciate. The guys of Driver Side Impact have done a good job of making a bold and unique statement with their music that their fans will value immensely. Go out and listen to this album for some high-quality sing-a-long choruses and practice your air guitar to the contagious power chords.


*Written By: Grant Trimboli*
Grade: 7/10

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