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New Music Premiere Stream: Secret Secret Dino Club – Upside Down (Spin Me All Around)

If you follow UTG, you’ll recognize the name Secret Secret Dino Club. Jayce, the brains behind SSDC has appeared on the site for a review and been on our previous [and upcoming] sampler. Next month, he’ll release his brand new EP, Doin’ My Own Thing, and Doin’ it Sooo Well. This EP is sure to […]

Papa Roach – Metamorphosis

  Band: Papa Roach Album: Metamorphosis Genre: Rock Label: Interscope Tracks: 1. Days of War 2. Change or Die 3. Hollywood Whore 4. I Almost Told You That I Loved You 5. Lifeline 6. Had Enough 7. Live This Down 8. March Out Of The Darkness 9. Into The Light 10. Carry Me 11. Nights […]

Freshman 15 – Throw Up Your Hands For One Night Stands

  Band: Freshman 15 Album: Throw Up Your Hands For One Night Stands Genre: Pop Punk Label: Standby Tracks: 1. Phoenix Can Keep You 2. Thought of You 3. Our California Song 4. Count on It 5. She’s Everything 6. What are Friends For 7. When Cheating Had Feeling 8. My Favorite Songs 9. Are […]

Save Music Videos! – Theory of a Deadman

Sometimes you have to sit back and let top 40 rock be ridiculous. That time is now. We just caught these guys out with Motley Crue and they truly bring it. This is SATIRE. Don’t take it seriously.   *Written By: James Shotwell*

Nanda Devi – Fifth Season

  Band: Nanda Devi Album: Fifth Season Genre: Metal Label: Cavity Tracks: 1. The Circumpolar Current 2. Untitled 3. Abandoned By The Sun 4. Untitled 5. Blood and Iron 6. La Brea 7. Untitled 8. Fifth Season I was honestly having a conversation on favorite record labels recently and Cavity came up as one I […]