Papa Roach – Metamorphosis


Band: Papa Roach
Album: Metamorphosis
Genre: Rock
Label: Interscope

1. Days of War
2. Change or Die
3. Hollywood Whore
4. I Almost Told You That I Loved You
5. Lifeline
6. Had Enough
7. Live This Down
8. March Out Of The Darkness
9. Into The Light
10. Carry Me
11. Nights of Love
12. State Emergency

I must say when Papa Roach put out their first cd appropriately titled Infest I thought that it was beautifully crafted product. There is track after track of gold standard song composition. It’s hard to imagine it’s been 9 whole years since I was in San Diego in 6th grade rocking this record out; how time flys. 

Releasing shortly into the public with Metamorphosis, Papa Roach’s new album, the times have surely changed. An immense amount of growth, or however you’d like to put it, in the music industry perspective has undoubtedly showed. Not only in the genres but the styles of music we have out now. The item that I have to point out is that 5 records later Papa Roach is still trying to stay safe in terms of song structure, guitar riffs and lyrical content. 

From the day of 2002’s lovehatetragedy and 2006’s The Paramour Sessions sum up the 2009 release of Metamorphosis. By the sound of the dragged on clichéd power-chords, and picking arrangements these guys are not demonstrating any new growth or creativity. The vast “Metamorphoses”, as the album title so boldly states, is not evident in this album at all.

As far as songs go I feel as though “I Almost Told You That I Loved You” is a want-to-be ballad imitation of Buckcherry’s “Crazy B***h”. Lines such as – You shut me up when you swallow me down – and – If sex is the drug then what is the cost – clearly indicate Papa Roach’s “maturity” at its fullest. I only listened to this song once and I thought to myself, “This has got to be the cheesiest song ever, I hope (they) aren’t serious.” But the song is entirely serious to my dismay *sigh*. As far as the other songs go “Hollywood W***e” is an unmistakable take on today’s celebrity stint in rehab. This fad is truly played out. The song “Lifeline” is the only good song on the cd in my opinion. With its quick tempo, effected guitar combinations and heartfelt lyrics professing feelings of abandonment it shows the old band we once knew. 

The more I want to “like” this album I just can’t because I know what this groups’ potential is. I have been following Papa Roach throughout their career and I can tell you I predicted the consistent motto of playing-it-safe. As does every release did after their sophomore effort lovehatetragedy. Papa Roach is in need of a desperate change of pace if they continue in the music world. If you are just getting into Papa Roach please go in with an open mind. Unfortunately, if you are an old fan then this album is just going to be a carbon copy of The Paramour Sessions.

*Written By: Grant Trimboli*
Score: 4/10

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  1. xGRAMMARLOVERx says:

    I could write an entirely new review with all of the commas that have been left out of this one. The improper use of virtually EVERY punctuation character, and the numerous sentence fragments, make this review painful to read. I am not necessarily blaming the writer…not completely. Get an editor. Hurry.