New Music Premiere Stream: Secret Secret Dino Club – Upside Down (Spin Me All Around)

If you follow UTG, you’ll recognize the name Secret Secret Dino Club. Jayce, the brains behind SSDC has appeared on the site for a review and been on our previous [and upcoming] sampler. Next month, he’ll release his brand new EP, Doin’ My Own Thing, and Doin’ it Sooo Well. This EP is sure to be his breakthrough release as everything is not only more mature, but catchier as well. Seriously, this is just a taste, but having heard the whole record, I can promise you, it will knock you socks off. Also, to further your excitement, I’ll post the album art below just to get you amped.

[audio:02 Upside Down (Spin Me All Around).mp3]

*Written By: James Shotwell*

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