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UTG TV: T.R.A.M. Live

Sometimes things around the site get a little out of hand and features get left behind when they really deserve to be posted. Today’s UTG TV, as well as the other “vault” features we will be releasing in coming weeks, is that kind of article. Shot last year during their first performance ever, UTG TV […]

MOD SUN Announces “Happy As F*ck” EP, Plans Studio Time

MOD SUN has announced he will be entering the studio in two days to begin recording his latest EP, currently entitled Happy As Fuck. Happy As Fuck will be MOD’s first official release of 2012, that is, unless his Gordon Bombay side project with Zachary Garren, Pat Brown, And B Rolla decides to drop its […]

Liferuiner Title Album “The World Isn’t Going To End, And I Hate Myself For It,” Announce Studio Time

Canada’s Liferuiner have announced their hilghly-anticipated 2012 album will be titled The World Isn’t Going To End, And I Hate Myself For It. The album, which will be the third full length for the group, has yet to be recorded. Liferuiner enters the studio March 3 with Derek Hoffman, the man responsible for the group’s […]

STREAM: Anarbor – Whiskey In Hell (Rough Cut)

Hopeless Records has released a rough cut of a brand new Anarbor song entitled “Whiskey In Hell.” Premiering on the Hopeless’ official Youtube channel earlier tonight, “Whiskey In Hell” is the dirty rock jam you did not know you needed. Anarbor have never been ones to restrain themselves creatively and this material showcases they are […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Taylor Swift – Safe & Sound

Taylor Swift has released the official music video for her single “Safe & Sound.” Premiering MTV earlier tonight, the video for “Safe & Sound” is as moddy and haunting as the song itself. Swift looks flawless, per usual, but this time she is captured in a way that I feel really allows the music to […]

MIXTAPE: Bobby V – V Day (EP)

Valentine’s Day is still a few hours away, but Bobby V is here to assure the mood is set for your special Hallmark holiday. Fittingly title V Day, the latest effort from Bobby V is likely to be the soundtrack to more than a few dates tomorrow evening. Complete with croon after croon about giving […]

ALBUM STREAM: Real Friends – Everyone That Dragged You Here

We talk about it all the time, but it truly is a rare moment when you discover a band that makes you stop what you are doing and, for at least a moment, really listen to the music they have created. These are the bands that you cannot help sharing with everyone you know, the […]

Nipsey Hustle Leaks Five New Tracks

Under The Gun Review already streamed a new song today from Nipsey Hustle and now the world should get ready for five brand new tracks from him right now! We have the incredible streams and downloads of all the tracks including “We Just Havin Fun,” “Faith,” “We Ride,” “Top Floor,” and “Noah’s Ark.” These songs […]

Bad Brains Announce East Coast Tour

DC-Hardcore legends Bad Brains announced a four stop East Coast tour with H2O and GZA. Let that settle in for a second. You good? Okay. Now let’s talk about it again. Bad Brains. H2O. GZA. If you like hardcore in ANY of its forms and you aren’t stoked about this lineup, you don’t have a […]

RUMOR: Bonnaroo Lineup Leaks

Earlier today we brought you reports that Bonnaroo’s highly anticipated 2012 lineup would be revealed tomorrow, but it seems the internet felt differently. Coming to our attention via Antiquiet, a potential lineup for the June festival has surfaced. Featuring the likes of Prince, Radiohead, and Phish, it goes without saying that many music fans would […]


Under The Gun Review is continuing to roll out new features with the debut of Micro Movies, Presented by the members of UTGFilm, this recurring column dedicated to the world of short films. If you have a film to contribute or know of one we should feature, click here to shoot us an email! Film: Familiar Starring: Robert Nolan, Astrida […]


HORSE the band have made their impact in the metal scene for over a decade with their original “Nintendocore” sound, raucous live shows, and eccentric cast of characters. They are one of the most “do-it-yourself” bands out there which became very clear after arranging (with help from fans) and funding their own “Earth Tour” in […]