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Nate Barcalow (Finch, Earthbound Ghost) Finishes Debut Solo Album

Nate Barcalow has had a pretty packed schedule lately: last year, he finished up Earthbound Ghost’s debut record and started another band in Reverend Crow. Finch, the outfit he’s best known for, kicks off their anniversary tour on February 1. Apparently, throughout all of this, Nate has also been recording a solo album called Altered States, […]

The Strokes 2013

HOLY SH!T: The Strokes New Album Coming In 2013

The Strokes haven’t released an album since 2011’s Angles. They have talked about working on the next effort before, but this still caught me very off guard. The Strokes will have a new album out in 2013, with a new song, “All The Time”, sent to a radio station and set to leak “soon“. Guitarist […]

DOWNLOAD: Tera Melos – “Tropic Lane”

Tera Melos have been working on a new record for some time. I would even guess that the album’s been finished for a while since guitarist and vocalist Nick Reinhardt had the time to come out with a solo album for Christmas. Today, they had a song, “Tropic Lane” premier on Rolling Stone from their […]

Danny Carey (Tool), cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy) And John Frusciante (ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers) Working On Side Project?

UPDATE: After seeing our post, cEvin posted on his personal Facebook page saying “Danny and I have stuff going, but we’ll have to hope that John drops by one day !  <3 nice thought, as it would be cool.” We’ve been waiting on a new Tool album for far too long – quite literally, their […]

Erik Griffin From ‘Workaholics’ Signs To SideOneDummy, Debut Comedy Album Coming

Erik Griffin, the comedian best known for his (ahem) work as Montez Walker on Workaholics, has now signed a contract with SideOneDummy to release his debut comedy album. The album, Technical Foul: Volume One, is coming out March 12; fans can do a pre-order exclusively through Pledge Music Campaign here. Considering you can get a […]

Frank Turner Announces Release Date For Next Album, ‘Tape Deck Heart’

We previously reported about Frank Turner‘s recording back in October, but now we have some concrete information to go on. His next album, Tape Deck Heart, will come out on Xtra Mile Recordings on April 22. There are currently no US pre-orders, but they should be coming soon. Tape Deck Heart will be the first studio album […]

Black Sabbath Album Set For June Release

Over the weekend, classic rock and early heavy metal legends Black Sabbath announced that their next album would come out in June. The album, titled 13, is produced by Rick Rubin, famed for his work ranging from the Beastie Boys to Metallica. Also announced this weekend was Black Sabbath’s studio drummer; Rage Against The Machine‘s Brad […]

Sparta Working On Their Fourth Record

Once upon a time, At The Drive In split up into two bands, The Mars Volta and Sparta. The Mars Volta gained a ton of fame, and Sparta gained a little. At The Drive In got back together, and then Sparta stayed quiet. Now Sparta has announced via Instagram that they have begun working on […]

the wonder years ben campbell soupy

The Wonder Years Finish Up Pre-Production

Pop-punk outfit The Wonder Years have finished up pre-production on their new record and are beginning recording now. They have no target release date, but it isn’t out of the question for them to finish up this year. We’ll keep you updated with that as time goes along. Front man Dan “Soupy” Campbell is prominent […]

the postal service

RUMOR: The Postal Service Reunion Happening

The internet can be a great place, because its spontaneous microblogging and, quite frankly, sheer overload of information allows news to happen on the fly and let fans know instantly what the deal is. Unfortunately, it also allows websites to post a sincere lack of information about what’s going on for maximum hits. One BrooklynVegan […]

David Bowie To Release First Album In A Decade, Streams “Where Are We Now?”

David Bowie is a rare artist to have had hits in three different decades, with “Space Oddity” coming in the 60s, and the bulk of his hits coming in the 70s and 80s. His most memorable work from the 90s is probably  “I’m Afraid of Americans”, which featured Trent Reznor in the music video. Now, […]

Tilian Pearson Focusing On Solo Work Then New Dance Gavin Dance Record

Tilian Pearson, the famed singer who left Tides of Man, is now the vocalist for Dance Gavin Dance and briefly demoed with Saosin, has been working on a solo album for sometime. We’ve heard several songs from the solo effort in the past twelve months from the record – some EDM influenced, some not. Now, […]