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Stream The New Russian Circles Album

Russian Circles is one of the most interesting and innovative bands in post rock these days, and any new release of theirs is bound to garner a lot of attention. Their latest full-length, Memorial, is no exception. The album isn’t out until October 29, but you can stream it right now over at Pitchfork. Fans […]

Tera Melos Announce Fall Tour With Zorch, Fang Island

The Sargent House family has been touring a lot with each other lately (TTNG & Tera Melos, TTNG & Mylets), and now this tour that features Tera Melos, Zorch, and Fang Island. This is in addition to Tera Melos’ tour with Minus the Bear that starts in early September. Overall, it should be a good […]

STREAM: Russian Circles – “Deficit”

If nearly 7 minutes of ominously eerie post-metal sludgy goodness was what you were looking for this evening, you’ve come to the right place. Sargent House’s Russian Circles have released a helluva killer new track, entitled “Deficit,” which is blowing our minds over here at UTG. MetalSucks writer, Axl Rosenberg, uses one word to describe […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Tera Melos – “Weird Circles”

Sargent House math rockers Tera Melos have put out a music video for “Weird Circles” off of their excellent new album, X’ed Out. If you’re into nonpareil shots featuring paper bag masks, foot massages, rats, neon cereal, flaming paint, and sliced up humans, get ready for the best video of your life. For the rest of us, […]

Native Release New Song, To Tour With Daylight And O’Brother

Sargent House rock and rollers Native haven’t had a full length new release since 2009’s Wrestling Moves. That’s about to change on August 20 when they release their sophomore work, Orthodox (which is a strange title for such an unorthodox band). Along with that, another band with an album out on August 20, O’Brother, will […]

RX Bandits Holding ‘Resignation’ Ten Year Anniversary Tour

RX Bandits foreshadowed an announcement today, and many within the industry suspected it would be a tour. They had already been announced to play Skate & Surf on the opposite side of the country than that which they are from, so a tour seemed to make sense. The announcement today was indeed a tour for […]

REVIEW: Tera Melos – ‘X’ed Out’

Artist: Tera Melos Album: X’ed Out Genre: Indie Pop, Math Rock Label: Sargent House I had this album for review two weeks before it came out. I listened to it probably close to twenty times in that first week of April, which was an emotionally negative time for me, and I really thought this was […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Tera Melos – “Bite”

My neighbors are blasting Phil Collins out of their apartment with their windows open so I’m blasting Tera Melos into my brain. Their newest album, X’ed Out, just dropped yesterday via Sargent House and it’s been on repeat here for us since that very moment. It’s ridiculously good and you should buy the hell out […]

Native And Caspian To Tour

Post-rockers Caspian and Native will be touring together in what will probably be the best tour of the year for those into more experimental music. Native’s second album is set to come out this year (we loved their first album), and Caspian’s most recent effort was one of the more memorable affairs from 2012. I […]

This Town Needs Guns Change Name, Announce European Tour

This Town Needs Guns was always an interesting name for a band. Yesterday, it was announced on Sargent House’s Facebook page that they would no longer go by This Town Need Guns, and instead refer to themselves as TTNG. When a fan asked “What’s wrong with guns?“, the label responded “Well for one, no town […]

REVIEW: This Town Needs Guns –

Artist: This Town Needs Guns Album: Genre: Math rock, Indie rock Label: Sargent House Bands work out the kinks on the fly. There are no minor leagues for music making; if you can’t produce right away, you likely never get an at-bat. This Town Needs Guns have found a way around this: their debut […]

DOWNLOAD: Tera Melos – “Tropic Lane”

Tera Melos have been working on a new record for some time. I would even guess that the album’s been finished for a while since guitarist and vocalist Nick Reinhardt had the time to come out with a solo album for Christmas. Today, they had a song, “Tropic Lane” premier on Rolling Stone from their […]