bad romance

Pop music videos being removed from Youtube

The big media buzz this morning is obviously the MTV Video Music Awards. I didn’t watch them myself, but isn’t it more or less the same every year? Regardless, mixed among the hub-bub of auto-tuned pop star winnings is a peculiar web occurrence that is raising many questions.

Lady Gaga Picks Her Best Songs

Lady Gaga has chosen her mega-single “Bad Romance” as the best song she’s ever written. The answer stems from an interview with PopDust where the vocalist listed the song, along with “Poker Face” and “You And I,” as her best work. This really isn’t news, but it should be noted that only one of these […]

Lady Gaga sells over 20 million digital singles

Lady Gaga is the first musician to have accomplished selling over 20 million digital singles and is recognized by the RIAA (Record Industry Association of America) to have the most gold and platinum sales in history. “Just Dance” has gone platinum six times, “Poker Face” five times, and “Bad Romance” has reached platinum status four […]

Hayley Williams covers Gaga

Hayley Williams apparently wants your Bad Romance

Sonny Moore is caught in a Bad Romance

Sonny Moore, the  ex-lead singer of From First to Last, has begun making pop remixes for both clubs and radio. Head over to his MYSPACE to hear his remixes of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.”

Gaga on Leno [interview and performance]

Look below for Lady Gaga’s appearance on the Jay Leno Show:

Lady Gaga at the AMAs

This is why she should have been the Artist of the Year:

REVIEW: Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster

Artist: Lady Gaga Album: The Fame Monster Genre: Pop Label: Interscope Has anyone had a bigger year than Lady Gaga? I mean some may claim Taylor Swift, but her album came out this time last year and Gaga’s just hit streets in August. She’s come from relatively unknown songwriter to the 21st century’s Madonna over […]