K Sera Set Up Limited Pre-order Package for ‘Collisions and Near Misses’

Sacramento, California’s progressive indie outfit K Sera have began selling an extremely limited pre-order package (only 50 available!) for their upcoming full-length Collisions and Near Misses (produced by Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter). The package contains a limited edition “We Were Thinking Of Evolving” t-shirt, autographed CD, digital download of the album, digital instrumental […]

SAY IT AIN’T SO: Tarantino Talks Retirement

There are some truths in this life that only hurt when we discuss them. The eventual end of Quentin Tarantino’s career as a filmmaker is one of those truths, and it seems that horrifying reality be closer than fanboys and girls would like to believe. Taking part in a recent roundtable featuring a plethora of […]

Converge and Napalm Death to Release 7

Converge and Napalm Death announced today that they will be releasing a digital 7inch together soon.  The two bands will be putting the 7inch purely online, and you can check out the track list after the break. Napalm Death will be releasing two new songs, while Converge releases a new song and a cover of […]

The Wonder Years Rerelease Debut Album Get Stoked On It!

No Sleep Records announced today that they will be rereleasing The Wonder Years’ Get Stoked on It! through their digital distributers (their webstore, iTunes, etc) on May 15, 2012. The album has been completely remixed and remastered, so it’ll be interesting to hear what it sounds like now with different mixes. It’s a little odd […]

Cartel announce new EP

Cartel have announced a new EP entitled In Stereo. It will be released on October 4 and will be available for digital download. Also, on September 19th, they will be debuting a new song entitled, “American Dreams.” Will you pick up the band’s new EP?

Eminem breaks yet another sales record

Recovery has been on shelves for over a year, but that isn’t stopping it from continuing to shatter sales records worldwide. Today it was revealed that Recovery has become the first album to digitally sell a million copies. Yes, not just a song, but the whole album has been purchased online over one million times, […]

REVIEW: Simple Plan – Get Your Heart On!

“To be fair, I came into this album with an unfounded bias, I was expecting to have to sit through another awful, whiney, postmortem emo album, with contrived and way-too-angsty lyrics, but I could not have been more wrong, this album has a much more dynamic and interesting sound. Don’t be mistaken, this really is just a straight-up pop album, but I still have immense amounts of respect for those that can put together a dynamic and interesting pop album, without pandering to their audience with gimmicks and watered down songs. And Simple Plan did just that, no tricks, just good music, which was really a genuine surprise.”

Taking Back Sunday release iTunes exclusive EP

Taking Back Sunday are still weeks from the release of their self-titled album, but fans aching for new tunes can now calm themselves by purchasing the group’s iTunes exclusive EP (which was released today). The EP contains both “The Best Places To Be A Mom” and “This Is All Now,” as well as an acoustic […]

Lady Gaga sells over 20 million digital singles

Lady Gaga is the first musician to have accomplished selling over 20 million digital singles and is recognized by the RIAA (Record Industry Association of America) to have the most gold and platinum sales in history. “Just Dance” has gone platinum six times, “Poker Face” five times, and “Bad Romance” has reached platinum status four […]

Bridge Nine unveils music subscription service

In today’s music industry, record labels have to try to do all that they can to keep people buying music. Bridge Nine records has developed their own solution with their new digital music subscription service. Click here to find out how you can have access to all of the music that comes through Bridge Nine […]

Sick Puppies go Polar Opposite with new release

Australian rock trio Sick Puppies have released their album Polar Opposite today at Wal-Mart and all digital retailers. Fans can check out a preview of the tracks from the album here:

Music video: The Human Abstract

Watch The Human Abstract‘s new music video for “Digital Veil” right here. Their official pre-order for the March 8th release of Digital Veil is now available here.