Rob Zombie Can Party But You Can’t Skateboard Near His Mansion

When Rob Zombie is not making horror films, touring around the country, or partying with his celebrity friends he is making it his duty to close down a small skate park in his hometown of Woodbury, Connecticut. The park, located very close to his mansion, is proving to be too loud for this rock star.

“Mr. Zombie,” as he’s referred to by the town officials, is confirmed to have made various complaints about the noise levels and could possibly be seeking legal action against the town. The town initially changed the hours to please the Zombie but that did not work out as planned. How does he have this much time to dedicate when there are so many more important things to accomplish?

Isn’t this the man who taught Jamie Foxx how to ollie?!

The skate park’s main contributor, Amanda Klimak, had this to say regarding the rules and regulations.

“The parents and kids in our community worked hard to have the skate park built and it is my understanding that the town has taken appropriate steps to reduce the noise created by the park to a reasonable level. It is my understanding the the ramps have been modified, a noise reducing fabric has been added and the hours have been limited significantly, which should have sufficed.The Zombie’s purchased their home in Woodbury knowing that it was adjacent to a town park and should have known that there would be some noise associated with it. Considering Mr. Zombie has made a living from selling albums and movie tickets to teens and young adults, I would think that he, more than anyone, would be sympathetic to their need for activities. We are a small community with limited activities for our kids and the skate park has added a place for dozens of children and young adults to exercise and express themselves in a healthy way. I think it is sad that the Zombies can’t appreciate that.”

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