Cady Groves

UTG INTERVIEW: Cady Groves Talks About Her New Single, “Dreams”

Cady Groves, the Oklahoma pop sweetheart we’ve all come to love, is back at it with a killer new jam, entitled “Dreams.” The new song, which is taken from her new EP of the same title, is due out on October 2 via Vel Records. Dreams, the EP, will be serving as her follow-up to […]

VIDEO TEASER: Cady Groves – “Forget You”

Cady Groves is a seemingly endless trove of both charm and infectious melody, isn’t she? Tonight, Cady posted a new teaser video for a song she is preparing to release called “Forget You.” Camera in hand and honey in her larynx, Ms. Groves sings a verse and the chorus of this new diddy. Check it […]

STREAM: Cady Groves – Love Actually

Cady Groves has premiered her new single “Love Actually” on her Youtube page. The song will most likely appear on Cady’s new album, which hasn’t been announced. When UTG finds out more info about the upcoming album, you’ll be the first to know! This new tune from Cady is a catchy summer hit; I’m sure […]

Cady Groves Performs New Song Acoustic

Cady Groves has posted a video of her performing a new song entitled “Revenge” acoustic. The song will appear on Cady’s new album, which hasn’t been announced. When UTG finds out more info about the upcoming album, you’ll be the first to know! Check out the video of Cady performing “Revenge” after the jump and […]

REVIEW: Plug In Stereo – The Patience

Artist: Plug In Stereo Album: The Patience EP Genre: Pop Label: Atlantic Records/Triple Crown Records Trevor Dahl, the wunderkind behind Plug In Stereo, is only 18. Discoveries like this always leave me feeling somewhat inadequate, even if I was too busy studying like the sad teacher’s pet I am to be doing anything else myself […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Plug In Stereo ft. Cady Groves – Oh Darling

Plug In Stereo has released his new music video for the single “Oh Darling,” featuring Cady Groves. This simple video shows the two artists in separate locations singing as if the other can hear them. Take the song/video for a spin and relax to the soothing sounds of these talented musicians. Be sure to pick […]

Plug In Stereo Streams New Song “I Blame You”

Check out a brand new song from Plug In Stereo‘s forthcoming release The Patience EP, set to drop January 3. “I Blame You” is one of 5 songs on the album, that also includes “Oh Darling” featuring Cady Groves. Listen to “I Blame You” right here. Trevor Dahl has given a little background on the […]

Plug In Stereo Reveals Headlining Tour

2012 is going to be a defining time in the career of solo artist Trevor Dahl AKA Plug In Stereo. In addition to signing to Atlantic Records, not that long ago, he will be headlining his first tour with direct support from The Scene Aesthetic and Romance On A Rocketship. He is a multi-talented instrumentalist […]

Cady Groves Covers Adele’s “Someone Like You”

Pop artist Cady Groves tries her hand at covering Adele’s hit song “Someone Like You” and does an exceptional job. To check out this cover please click through the jump. I don’t know why it happens but the video flips upside-down when you put the video on 720p. Not like it matters too much because […]

Cady Groves Releases Music Video For “This Little Girl”

Talented upcoming singer Cady Groves has just released her music video for her single “This Little Girl.” View the video that shows Cady creeping around on her boyfriend as she suspects him of cheating on her. Watch to see what happens next by simply clicking here and let UTG know what you think!

Cady Groves streams new song

Cady Groves is streaming her new song called “This Little Girl” by clicking on the link provided. This song will be coming off of her major label album, that is due out in early 2012. Take it for a spin and let UTG know what you think of Cady’s latest material.

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