UTG INTERVIEW: Cady Groves Talks About Her New Single, “Dreams”

Cady Groves, the Oklahoma pop sweetheart we’ve all come to love, is back at it with a killer new jam, entitled “Dreams.” The new song, which is taken from her new EP of the same title, is due out on October 2 via Vel Records. Dreams, the EP, will be serving as her follow-up to 2012’s This Little Girl.

“Dreams isn’t just for the dreamers. It’s to put life and hope back into people who have lost sight of theirs. GO GET YOUR DREAM,” Groves shares. The fruity and vibrant new track shows off her equally bubbly and uplifting personality, sending across a loud and clear “All that I need don’t cost a thing because dreaming is free.”

The singer-songwriter shares that her long-time love for music probably somehow stems from her love of Queen Alanis. “I knew I had to take after her. I remember being 6 and my mom buying the album Jagged Little Pill. I was obsessed,” she recalls. A typical day in her life consists mostly of many different things; from writing to recording to exploring new avenues in which her sound can take, Groves takes pride in all of her hard work and continues to be an inspiration to many.

“I’ve been so busy but I’m so thankful and excited. It’s cool to finally be back out there making and sharing music–but this time completely knowing who I am and what I stand for. It is a peaceful place,” Groves shares when asked about her trip to New York City this past week. The singer-songwriter has been working very hard to get back in the swing of things.

“I’ll have a whole new EP that comes out really soon,” she shares with a lot of anticipation. Groves will also be putting out a brand new music video for her recent single. She shares that there may be a tour in the works, in support of the new EP. We can all count on more of her music’s good vibes in the near future.

Dana Reandelar
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