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Within The Ruins Total Van And Trailer In Accident

While the weather has been unseasonably warm here in Seattle the last couple of weeks, that has not been the case for a large portion of the country. Record-breaking snow and chilly weather has had a major impact on the East Coast – specifically the northeast. The last I heard, Boston was sitting under about […]

Sledding With Tigers Involved In Car Accident, Forced To Cancel Remaining Tour Dates

Dan Faughdner, otherwise known to the world as the man behind Sledding With Tigers, has informed UTG that he and tour mate Just Nick were involved in a car accident this afternoon while traveling from Oklahoma to St. Louis. No one was hurt in the incident, but everyone involved is pretty shaken up. This is […]

Rest In Peace: Paul Walker (1973-2013)

According to TMZ and Deadline, movie star Paul Walker passed away this afternoon following a single car accident in Southern California. He was 40 years old. Walker, who rose to prominence with a standout role in Pleasantville before becoming Vin Diesel’s counterpart in the Fast And Furious franchise, was in Santa Clarita this afternoon when […]

Tyler, The Creator’s “1 Out Of 100” Car Totaled

If you’d like to see some examples of how not to react when someone totals your car all you need to do is check out Tyler, The Creator‘s Twitter feed. Apparently a woman who was under the influence hit his car, which luckily was parked and he was not in. He’s understandably upset about the […]

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Deftones Release Statement on Chi’s Passing

It’s been nearly four years since Chi Cheng of Deftones suffered injuries from a car accident that had eventually resulted in his untimely passing on Saturday. Words can’t describe the impact that Cheng had on the lives of hundreds, probably thousands of people. The band’s guitarist, Stephen Carpenter, made a statement courtesy of the California […]

The Summer Set Involved in a Car Accident

One of the biggest fears a traveling musician must face is not the critical acceptance of their work by a given audience, but rather the actual act of traveling. After landing in London early this morning, The Summer Set entered a transport vehicle that would take them to their next destination, if not for an […]

Transit Accidentally Hits A Taxi Cab, Will Still Perform Tonight’s Show

Stoneham, Massachusetts natives, Transit just tweeted that they accidentally hit a cab driver on a snowy highway while heading to their show in Asbury Park, New Jersey tonight with The Starting Line, Fake Problems and RDGLDGRN. “A cab driver came to a complete stop in front of us…on the highway…we hit him. What a jerk!” Transit tweeted. The band […]

Maker In Terrible Car Accident

Absolutepunk have just posted news regarding rock band Maker being in a terrible accident in their Suburban. Read the short note below and be sure to donate any money you can to help support the group and these costly hospital bills. UTG is glad everyone in the band survived this horrendous accident. “Maker were in […]

Glass Cloud Flip Van

Molotov Solution shared a picture on their Facebook page this morning indicating that Glass Cloud‘s van had flipped while on the road. While the picture looks pretty bad, we are happy to report that, according to Molotov Solution, everyone in Glass Cloud is OK. So far there are no further details as to how the […]


Converge Crash Van, Everyone Safe

Punk group Converge have recently gotten into a car accident while on tour. The story is they were traveling through Oregon when they hit a patch of black ice. Luckily, no member of the band was hurt, unless you can consider the van’s bumper an active member. The band released the following statement: “After driving […]

DAMMIT: Deftones’ Chi Cheng Diagnosed With Pneumonia, In ICU

This is a pretty shitty way to start the day. News starting rolling in last night that Deftones’ bassist Chi Cheng, who has most recently been in a partially conscious state following a 2008 car accident, has been diagnosed with pneumonia. He is currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the hospital and word […]

R.I.P. “Jackass” star Ryan Dunn

It is a truly sad day for fans of physical comedy. TMZ has learned that Jackass star Ryan Dunn, also known for his appearances on Viva La Bam, has died following a car accident earlier today in Pennsylvania. According to reports, Dunn and an unidentified person both died in the crash, which happened around 3 […]