Transit Accidentally Hits A Taxi Cab, Will Still Perform Tonight’s Show

Stoneham, Massachusetts natives, Transit just tweeted that they accidentally hit a cab driver on a snowy highway while heading to their show in Asbury Park, New Jersey tonight with The Starting LineFake Problems and RDGLDGRN.

“A cab driver came to a complete stop in front of us…on the highway…we hit him. What a jerk!” Transit tweeted.

The band then tweeted, “We’re okay! Just a little fender bender.”

Fortunately, Transit will still be performing at tonight’s show with The Starting Line. Whereas it’s great to hear that the band is okay, this only serves as a reminder that drivers are unpredictable and to drive safe on snow covered roads.

Transit was only recently added to today’s date of The Starting Line’s tour commemorating the ten-year anniversary of Say It Like You Mean It.. Transit will hit the stage at 8:45.

Anthony Galasso
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One Response to “Transit Accidentally Hits A Taxi Cab, Will Still Perform Tonight’s Show”

  1. Dayton O'Connor says:

    I feel like there’s a great pun about the band Transit getting involved in an accident “in transit” just waiting for someone to come up with it.