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Dirty Up Takes Us To An Audible “Oasis”

UTG favorite Dirty Up has focused on showing off his killer production chops for most of 2014, but the Bay Area born artist has returned to the mic for a brand new single (with the backing of a premiere from Mishka). Entitled “Oasis,” the song finds him combining his lush, ethereal instrumentals with an elated […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Dirty Up – “Horizons”

Bay Area born hip-hop producer Dirty Up has dropped a brand new song, entitled “Horizons,” with an accompanying music video that can be found after the jump. When asked about the intent of the video’s surreal visuals, Dirty Up told us, “the video is meant to convey a certain sense of nostalgia to the viewer; comprised […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Dirty Up – “Aimless”

Instrumental hip-hop producer Dirty Up has debuted a phenomenal new single, entitled “Aimless,” with tripped-out visuals to match that can be found after the jump. Featuring an immersive atmosphere composed of down-pitched vocals and the occasional fluttering of snares along with a thundering bassline and blissful samples, the cut is quite possibly the Boone-based artist’s […]

REVIEW: Dirty Up – ‘Thrillwave’

Artist: Dirty Up Album: Thrillwave Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop When it comes to transcendental production, Clams Casino has undoubtedly set the standard over the past few years with his career-launching work for artists such as A$AP Rocky and Lil B. Recently, though, upcoming talents such as the Sad Boy crew’s Yung Gud have begun to master the […]

Dirty Up Releases ‘Thrillwave’ EP

North Carolina based producer and rapper Dirty Up has released his brand new EP, Thrillwave, as a free digital download via Bandcamp. Featuring “Home,” a track Under The Gun exclusively premiered late last year, the effort contains honest spitting and highly atmopsheric beats from the quickly rising artist. For those who want to give the […]


The internet has been a useful tool for everyone from acclaimed producer Clams Casino to rap enigma Lil B to launch themselves into various levels of notability. Coincidentally, hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area where Lil B calls home, a rising producer and rapper by the name of Dirty Up is looking to follow […]