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Fall Out Boy and Lupe Fiasco Unveil New Chicago Bulls Theme Song

Recently, Chicago artists Fall Out Boy and Lupe Fiasco teamed up to release a revamped version of the Chicago Bulls’ official theme song, “Only The Bulls,” and the results are…strange. The original song was pretty cheesy and a bit dated, so it makes sense that the organization would bring on some well-known local artists to […]

Fall Out Boy and Lupe Fiasco to Provide New Theme Song for Chicago Bulls

Over the past few years Chicago artists Fall Out Boy and Lupe Fiasco have collaborated a couple of times, but most recently the pair have put their heads together to produce a track for a totally different entity, The Chicago Bulls. For those who don’t know, The Bulls already had a theme song of their […]

Lupe Fiasco Discusses Label Frustrations and Ponders Retirement In New Interview

Lupe Fiasco has taken an odd turn over the last couple of years. For a short time, he was the music industry’s golden goose, but when his motivations for creating music became more message-based and political many turned their backs. I still dig Lupe, and I know many of you do too. Unfortunately, his label […]

Lupe Fiasco Continues Feeling Generous; Debuts “Snitches 2”

Just hours after sharing “Snitches” with the world, Chicago emcee Lupe Fiasco surprised everyone by delivering an unexpected (and completely badass) sequel. Both songs play fine on their own, but to fully appreciate what you’re about to hear it’s best you experience “Snitches” first. If you missed it, click here and catch up. We’ll wait. […]

Lupe Fiasco Streams “Snitches” Featuring Ty Dolla $ign

Lupe Fiasco surprised fans last night with the premiere of not one, but two brand new tracks. This post is about the first of the pair, which features Outkast and pretty much cements Lupe’s presence as one of hip-hop’s finest for yet another year. Channeling hints of “Rosa Parks” without becoming too Aquemini, “Snitches” pairs […]


The internet has been a useful tool for everyone from acclaimed producer Clams Casino to rap enigma Lil B to launch themselves into various levels of notability. Coincidentally, hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area where Lil B calls home, a rising producer and rapper by the name of Dirty Up is looking to follow […]

Title Fight, August Burns Red, MGMT And More To Play Fun Fun Fun Fest

It looks as if Fun Fun Fun Fest has added a mess of diverse artists and groups to the expanded roster. The festival takes place in Austin at Auditorium Shores from November 8 to November 10. Title Fight, August Burns Red, Slayer, MGMT, Deerhunter, The Dismemberment Plan, Code Orange Kids, Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion), M.I.A., […]

Lupe Fiasco Debuts “Animal Pharm”

Chicago rappers are clogging our news feed today, but we are by no means complaining about it. With the release of his forthcoming album Tetsuo & Youth inching closer by the week, Lupe Fiasco took to the internet late last night, May 20, to release a new (free) single entitled “Animal Pharm.” As you may […]

Lupe Fiasco Talks Violence In Media

Lupe Fiasco took to Twitter last night to rant about violence in the media and especially music industry life. Read what he had to say below and let UTG know what you thought! Violent music (and all violent media) effectively says its “ok” to be violent. It provides positive reinforcement for negative actions. If you […]

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Lupe Fiasco (Or Whoever Manages His Twitter Account) May Have Accidentally Revealed The Title Of His New Album For 2013

Lupe Fiasco’s twitter feed is about as barren and desolate as one with over a million followers can be. There’s only one tweet, posted January 17 (following Lupe’s various tweet deletion sprees), directing visitors to the profiles of Fiasco-associated acts DJ Busy and SNDCLSH. Fiasco’s account is only following five people. HE EVEN HAS THE […]

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Lupe Fiasco’s Incendiary Set Gets Him Booted From Inauguration Concert

It looks like Lupe Fiasco was staging a political protest from the bully pulpit of a headlining slot. StartUp RockOn, or #SURO if you’re talking about them on Twitter or something, is an events/promotions company aimed at the startup and the entrepreneurial set. Sunday night, StartUp RockOn staged a concert, their Inauguration Celebration, in recognition of President Obama’s […]

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WATCH: Lupe Fiasco – “Battle Scars” (Ft. Guy Sebastian + The Roots)

Chicago hip-hop frontrunner Lupe Fiasco teamed up with Guy Sebastian and The Roots to deliver a performance of “Battle Scars” on last night’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. “Battle Scars” is one of the hit tracks from Lupe’s latest album, Food And Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1, which was released at […]