The internet has been a useful tool for everyone from acclaimed producer Clams Casino to rap enigma Lil B to launch themselves into various levels of notability. Coincidentally, hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area where Lil B calls home, a rising producer and rapper by the name of Dirty Up is looking to follow a similar path as he gears up to drop his Thrillwave mixtape on January 21.

Fortunately for you, we have the first single from the release, entitled “Home,” along with crucial information to understand where the art he creates is coming from both musically and mentally, so follow the jump to take a look inside the mind of Dirty Up.

Dirty Up began producing in 2012, as he notes, “because I couldn’t find producers who could translate what I envisioned into complete instrumentals.” Thus, he has aimed to create the sound he’s looking for by pulling bits of instrumental influence everywhere from Clams Casino and Kanye West to Deftones. Now living in Boone, North Carolina, he still looks to the Bay Area for guidance, but he has been able to utilize the new surroundings to further inspire his music as he says, “in Boone, I can appreciate a lot of the lush landscapes…they tend to evoke a certain air of serenity that I’m very comfortable in.” Making it even more comfortable to experiment with his productions, Dirty Up enjoys the fact that “in Boone, everyone is pretty open to weird ass music…that gives me a bit more of an audience to speak to.”

The diverse set of artists and unique locations that inspires him are evident in his music as it carries a sound that is unmistakably his, and thus, certain corners of the hip-hop scene have begun to take notice. At this point, he has collaborated with Chris Travis, best known for being a former affiliate of Spaceghostpurrp’s Raider Klan, on multiple tracks along with other up-and-coming artists such as Houston’s Cory Jreamz. These examples are just the beginning, though, as Dirty Up not only plans to continue to work with Jreamz, but he is in talks to produce a song for none other than Lil B “The Based God” himself.

In regards to the mixtape that has been Dirty Up’s main focus as of late, he feels the lead single, “Home,” is an accurate representation of what Thrillwave has to offer, at least in regards to the instrumentals. From a production standpoint, the effort will “be spacey and ethereal,” as those have become his stomping grounds, but lyrically, he feels his rapping will be less uniform. While “Home,” as he describes it, contains “mindlessness and outright fun,” he notes a solid chunk of the mixtape will take a more serious route as he deals with personal issues on “more somber, sober tracks.” He promises things will not become too bleak, though, as he still plans to include plenty of cuts in the vein of “Home” as well.

If “Home” is any indication, Thrillwave will not be a release to sleep on in 2014, so click the play button below to experience the atmospheric goodness of its first single. While sinking into the music, also be sure to give Dirty Up a like on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, and check out more of his work on Soundcloud as there’s no excuse to miss out on what he has to offer.

Mike Giegerich
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