FINALLY: Dr Acula Break Up

We have not kept our distaste for New York’s Dr Acula too quiet over the years, and for good reason. On the few occasions we have come in contact with them since their early days as MySpace standouts they have continually shown zero respect towards us and gone as far as to attempt framing our writers more as digital bullies than critics. If they were assholes who made good music we would still tell you their songs were great, but that is not the case here, and we’re all pretty excited to finally say good riddance to this piss poor attempt at making cohesive music with an endlessly rotating list of mediocre members.

Taking to Facebook recently, bassist Oli Miclette made the announcement that Dr Acula are no longer a band. The post was removed moments later and replaced with a message that reads “I think we were just hacked…,” but our friends at The Gauntlet managed to snag the original statement:

“It’s time for us to move on to new stuff. This band wasn’t going in a direction that pleased everyone in DA. Some members kept cancelling tours for no valid reasons, without respect for the fans. With the departure of Bill and the cancellation of our European tour, Casey and I decided to part ways with the rest of the band to concentrate on a new band with a good friend of mine, Blake Moore. We will announce the band and release stuff in January 2013.”

Further cementing the band’s fate, Lambgoat posted the following message from founding member Bill Graffeo:

“After almost 8 years the band named Dr.Acula will be put to rest. Being the only original member that was left, it is very sad for me to actually have to say this. Dr.Acula started off as a joke back in 2005. Over the years we kept our sense of humour and pissed off many people. I have nothing but love and respect for ALMOST everyone that’s ever been a part of DA. Especially my brother Kevin who saved this band on many occasions. I had quit the band a little less than a month ago. I had some personal problems of my own holding me back from continuing with DA. Most importantly I could not handle the ‘sketchy’ things some people would do within the band itself. Casey, Oli and Chris will always be my dearest friends. Thank you to everyone that’s ever given DA a listen, wether you liked it or not you were a part of this. Unlike some people, I never forgot the roots of this band and where our success came from.”

Dr Acula are currently still scheduled to perform Soundwave in February, 2013.

Obviously there will be some ongoing debate about the status of Dr Acula until a full statement is released. UTG attempted to contact the group’s publicist at Victory Records this morning, but we were rushed off the phone with the lines, “You’ll have to look at their Facebook.” We explained the situation further, expressing the mixed messaging, and then were informed they had “no idea” what we were asking about shortly before they hung up on us.

Stay tuned for updates.

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2 Responses to “FINALLY: Dr Acula Break Up”

  1. Hugo Zwier says:

    Absolutely loving this great piece of writing, especially ‘we’re all pretty excited to finally say good riddance to this piss poor attempt at making cohesive music with an endlessly rotating list of mediocre members.’ Never actually listened to them though, so no clue whether they’re any good.

  2. This is a completely unprofessional report. Keep your opinions out of it, Fox news.