Childish Gambino Hates His Record Label

Things have been weird with Childish Gambino since he started promoting his Sophomore album near the end of summer 2013. Between videos that play like movies, random singles, and late night tweet-sprees on everything from the assumption Dan Harmon hates him, to his label’s belief that his latest album was not meant for a winter […]

Kanye West Rants Against Press At Penn State, Declares “I Am Yeezus”

Oh, Kanye. A week or two goes by without a headline and you just get the itch to make news. Last night, Kanye West took his Yeezus tour to Penn State. In the middle of “Touch The Sky,” the Chicago native asked that the music be stopped so he could address members of the press […]

Oliver Stone Not Excited To See ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Film

It appears that director Oliver Stone (of Wall Street fame) is not looking forward to the new Batman/Superman film helmed by Zack Snyder. In a rant to anyone that would listen, Stone has said that he cannot believe that Americans “believe all this shit,” and that we have all “lost our minds.” He later goes […]

Kanye West Delivers Epic Speech At Pusha T Listening Party

Kanye West is known for running his mouth, but the months following the birth of his daughter in June have been relatively quiet. The first time father has been keeping to himself and planning the insanely anticipated Yeezus tour, but last night New York City saw Kanye in classic, give no fucks form – and […]

Kellin Quinn Calls Critics Out On Twitter

There has been a lot of debate over the $80 package Sleeping With Sirens offered for their tour. Some fans loved it, while a lot of other people hated the idea of a fan paying $80 for a one on one with Kellin and a polaroid (among a few other perks). One of the people […]

DAMMIT: Miss Spoof Films? Don’t Worry, “The Starving Games” Are On The Way!

The talk of the Mayan calendar foretelling the end of the world has been disproven by countless scientists, but this morning’s movie news does affirm our belief that humanity is slipping ever closer to the edge of extinction. Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the two guys who struck gold with Scary Movie over a decade […]


Victory Records’ latest indie hopefuls have unveiled a teaser for their forthcoming album. The Royalty, AKA Tony Brummel’s latest attempt at cornering the hipster market, blends haunting female vocals aginst hopeful altrock. You can view a teaser for their debut album, which I assume will impact about as well as June, The Junior Varsity, or […]

Deadmau5 Explains His Problem With Collaborations

As electronic music continues to breach the mainstream, more and more djs are pairing with major label acts in hopes of hitting the top of the charts. It’s business as usual for most, doing whatever they can to make it to the top, but Deadmau5 does not feel the same. Taking to his Tumblr earlier […]

Kiss Planning Custom “Angry Birds” Game

This should not have come as a surprise, but it did. Kiss, the band whose logo and iconic faces have graced everything from pinball machines to condoms, are currently in talks to develop their own version of the hit mobile application Angry Birds. Yes, you read that right. Kiss want to become Angry Birds. NME […]

PLEASE STOP: Dr. Acula Release “Party 2.0” Video

Over the past few years Victory Records has slowly switch focus from the emo/alternative scene that heralded their economic rise in the early aughts, to a quasi-experimental heavy label with random flares of bad pop rock ideas, and the results have been as increasing awful as they have been quote/unquote “metal.” One of the latest […]

Emmure Kick Out Drummer, Drummer Rants About Band Online

News is arriving this morning that Victory Records’ Emmure have kicked out drummer Mike Kaabe for undisclosed reasons. Obviously, Kaabe didn’t want to go down without a fight and took to the internet late last night to vent his frustration with the split, as well as issues with various members of the band. You can […]